April 29, 2011

First visit to Benefit Brow Bar Brisbane

I must say I wasn't expecting much when I walked towards Myer Centre today during my dinner break from work, yes I do work on Friday till 9pm, y'know the late night city shopping trading hours. Anyway, I thought I came to check out the new Benefit Brow Bar and boy was I surprised to see Make Up Store stand! I've only seen Make Up Store in Singapore and the fact that it has reached Brisbane has impressed me. Brisbane, you're catching up! Wheee~!

I was greeted by Nikki - whom reminded me of MAC's latest collection Quite Cute - hey, she had a pink wig bob on and such a friendly lovely smile! Much friendlier than *ahem* MAC girls *ahem*.

I asked about brows, since it's only about a week ago that I had my eyebrows done for the very first time! Did I tell you I did threading to my eyebrows? Well, now you know hehehe... So I'm a newbie when it comes to eyebrows shaping or what not and I'm only starting to get more particular about it. When Nikki complimented on how great my eyebrows looked, in my head I was thanking the lady who did the threading - oh didn't she do a great job, my first experience was a breeze thanks to her. (For those in Brisbane and interested in threading - drop me a message I'll pass her contact details to you). I asked Nikki about tinting and what to do and what to use etc. She then suggested to pop some on ... onto my eyebrows! I was ... slightly worried.

But worry not! Using Brows-A-Go-Go kit, she applied a bit of the wax and the colour and then a highlight and wow to my brows, indeed! (That's their slogan, by the way) (Don't you just love how Benefit has little quotes and phrases for all their products? I do, I think it's cute)

Result? No sparse bits, no Frida Kahlo's monobrow.

Brows-A-Go-Go is available at AUD$68 in store and it contains:
- brow zings powder (light) & (dark)
- brow zings wax (light)
- smokin' liner
- eye bright
- brow highlighter powder
- mini tweezer
- hard angle/talent brush

Cute handy little thing!

Little sneaky tip: Purchase it from benefit website online and you'll get it at the US price at USD$38. International Shipping is Free for purchase $115 or more with code WORLD115. Don't believe me? Click Here for more information.

Lovely girls and amazing service - if you girls happen to be in town, drop in! No appointment is necessary!

Myer Brisbane City - 07 3232 0121

Here's the price list to put the WOW to your BROWS!

Facial Waxing
Brow arch wax - $25
Brow arch tweeze - $30
Brow & Lip wax - $35
Lip wax - $15
Chin wax - $15
Lip & chin wax - $25

Brow tint - $15
Brow tint with arch - $35

Naturally LUSH lashes - $30
Individual half lashes - $25
Individual full lashes - $35

Pretty Me Please Make Up - $50
One-on-one full make-up application for whatever the occasion. Duration 30-40 minutes. $50 redeemable on products.

If you do find this information... informative and attractive and made you want to go check out the Brow Bar at Myer Brisbane...
Do pass my regards to Nikki and Hannah and tell them you hear about them from this blog, would you be so kind to do that?
Thanks muchies, lovelies!!

What's better to end this but a photo, so here's little snapshot of me and Nikki after she did my eyebrows and popped some "benetint" on my cheeks and lips (oh this is so going in my growing wishlist now!)

stay beautiful
stay blushfully beautiful


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