January 18, 2012

Review: Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

I dare you to say that title 3 5 times.

I am a Lush fan, no denying that. Two and a half years ago I hated Lush. I could not even stand walking past the store, let alone going into one. It all changed… I could not remember when, but I tried one product. That one product led to two and led to three and the rest is history.

I am no newbie in the fresh face masks department. Brazened Honey, BB Seaweed, Cupcake, Oatifix, Ayesha, Mask of Magnaminty… I’ve tried them. Some worth the mention in my blog, some others… I’ll reconsider for next round. The only one I would stay away from is Ayesha. I am slightly saddened by this because it does feel nice but the smell… oh.. my.. gosh.. it stinks so bad I could not stand it on my face. There, I’ve said it.

Now I had been meaning to try a new Lush mask for the past couple of months or so, but everytime I walked in to get it, the one I had my mind on, it was out of stock. Until the other day… one hot Friday… that it was there… one black tub staring at me… “Pick me! Pick me!”


As all Lush fresh face masks it comes in its signature black pots. Be careful when opening, there may be some liquid that is ready to spill. Not to worry, just mix them a bit to become the consistency of a paste.



Now here’s the little tricky part… the removal.

Once it gets hard and you feel as though you’ve had botox and cannot smile – it’s time to remove. That’s usually around 10 – 15 minutes.

You can either use a muslin cloth or face cloth, dampened it with warm water and put it over your face to create a steaming sensation to loosen back the mask. You don’t want to rip it off your skin, of course not.

Then gently with the warm water or cold water whichever you prefer, gently swirl your fingers over the mask… and massage it off your face… and rinse away.


Do I like it?

  • Face feels plump and refreshed afterwards – I like
  • Face looks brightened – I like
  • Face is not irritated – I like
  • Mask feels smooth to apply – I like
  • Mask has no pungent stinky smell – I like
  • Mask is a little tacky during removal like glue – I don’t like

That’s way more “I like” than “I don’t like” so this is a winner! Yay!

Will repurchase =)

Plus – if you return back 5 black pots you can pick a mask for free! Another Yay yay yay!


The product was purchased with my own money. No compensation or sponsor was involved in the making of this review.

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