January 14, 2012

Behind Being a Beauty Blogger

The thing about me… is that I’m not just a beauty blogger I don’t really label myself as one. I like to say I blog about beauty, yes, but I also blog about life and have you not read my reviews on some restaurants and their food? Perhaps the little snapshots of my weekend? You get what I mean.

On Wednesday, the lovely Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous wrote an article on “What Does A Beauty Blogger Do?” and I find it very interesting with some truth reflected back to me. I can relate. As I have said I also blog about beauty. Three quarter or the majority of my posts are about beauty. I do it because I like to and not being pressured into. Mind you, there have been times I felt being pressured into writing a review but ended up realising that it is your choice whether to put up a review or not. To even put up any post at all.

So I though I would share some of these “truths” with you, my readers, as well…adding my own.

  • Sneaky sneaky lemon squeezy – taking photographs of makeup counters or products or displays in shopping centres or in stores using your phone (turned to silent, but mine … the camera does not have a silent button for its shutter sound, bummer) – either for your blog or … you guessed right, twitter. … I am twittering, I’m twittering, yeaaa….
  • Carrying wet wipes in handbag – Tine mentioned this, but I normally just ask for tissues or grab any available tissues nearby. This is for those swatch-a-thon moments when you just feel the need to swatch… everything and anything you feel like. Why? For the blog.
  • I swatch on my left leaving the right hand free to do the photography when I am out in the shops. Usually the swatch will be in line with each other and even the SA will be amazed how many you are swatching and how perfectly aligned they are next to each other. Little do they know… you’re including this in your next blog post.
  • I browse makeup and beauty counters and stores to “check out what’s new”
  • Some SA would know you by name… because you’re there… again.
  • I go into stores to “check prices” or “test how they feel”
  • Any makeup or beauty products I buy or received must not be opened until I take a picture of it… before, during and after… Unless I find a way to put it all back to how it originally is packaged.
  • Packaging must not be thrown until I have at least taken a photo or jotted down the ingredients list and any information they claim to be. Unless I can find it online.
  • I look for bookcases, cd cases and filing organisers – for organising products
  • There is at least some makeup or skincare products on my deskI use them all the time!
  • I have drafts or reminders noted on paper and laptop of “To Review” or “Blog Posts”
  • I don’t throw out empty products straight away – for “empties” post
  • I get excited when I see the pan of any products I’ve been using or running low on products – I’ve hit pan, guys! Yeah!
  • Never thought Organic Chemistry would come in handy… until now when I begin to pick on the Ingredients list
  • I stick labels on the products (recent habit) of the month when I started using them
  • First thing I notice when going overseas:
    • Duty Free Cosmetics department – what are the limited edition travel edition
    • What brands are available and how much cheaper compared to Australian dollars
    • What I should stock up on
  • When I describe products I go by whether I will repurchase or recommend them. Are they dewy, matte, or do they blend like a dream… (Don’t you love that phrase… it’s like butter!)
  • I want to buy several products from either different brands or same brand but different types – for blog research and comparisons
  • I know upcoming product earlier than the SAs in the counter
  • You are known to your friends as… “always on your phone!” – because you check twitter and reply to people’s comments and messages
  • I would take a camera but thank God for the camera in my phone for when I’m out because I can take photos and straight away “blog” or “tweet” about it.
  • For others might say "love the dress" - I'd stare at their cheeks or their 'flawless complexion' (or any facial features) and would wanna ask... "what do you use?" or compliment them for those features ("love your lipstick!")
  • I take photos of myself – FOTD
  • I take photos of my nails – NOTD
  • I take photos of my clothes – OOTD
  • I want that that and that – for giveaways
  • I hope to someday have my own little walk in beauty room

So there you have it… I’m sure I have missed out one more or two or how many more there are.


Tine said...

Hahahahha good one Cendana! I nodded at every single point too. See told you I missed out something.
Never knew what "hit pan" meant until I became a beauty blogger. And how exciting it felt because it's a rare thing :P

Tine said...

Hahahahha good one Cendana! I nodded at every single point too. See told you I missed out something.
Never knew what "hit pan" meant until I became a beauty blogger. And how exciting it felt because it's a rare thing :P

Fifi said...

I've never really identified myself as a beauty blogger either but yeah I guess I do most of these points XD

Tram said...

Omg! Good idea! I should stick labels on products so I know when I start using them too! Thanks for that! :P

So many things that applies to me too.. especially checking out people' make-up instead of their accessories or dress.. But I'm a hardcore observer. I even look at their face shapes and facial features.. LOL! People probably find it freaky when I tell them "Walla, you have a very nice face shape and beautiful jaw-line..." Um?

Do you find going in store to swatch products weird? I actually find it a tad embarrassing! :(

Tegan McIntosh said...

haha so agree, you even picked up the things that I wrote on Tines! haha great post.

Priyanka said...

i'm just nodding as i read this, it's like tick i do that, tick n that etc lol
and also don't you find you know all the right beauty jargon to say to an SA like when u are after a foundation for eg you say i want a dewy, medium coverage, yellow undertones etc most ppl will just be i'm after a foundation lol

Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

Tick, Tick and Tick!

Somehow I have turned into a beauty blogger. I have yet to hit pan on anything yet, but will no doubt throw and mini party when I do.

Oh, and I have a drawer fill of stuff for giveaway purposes!

sui rose said...

Yup... all behaviours I've started picking up since deciding to start blogging about beauty! Haha!

lilpil said...

Haha - I always feel bad when I go to counters to do swatching - I always scared that the SA would know my secret identity and won't let me near the counters and would tell me off, especially when I'm trying to sneakily take photos of the display.

And I don't think I've hit pan on any makeup products at all for 2 years now. skincare, yes but not makeup ... hmmm.

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

omg this post is so meeeee... XD
I agree with you in this one, 1000%, hahaha.. Maybe I should make my own post about this, yup! ^^

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

Replying your question in my blog about the Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation, I bought it from my friend who has OS Beauty Shop, hehe.. If you want to buy it too, I've checked Sasa, but they don't have complete range of Innisfree.. Maybe ebay or other OS shops? ^^

Chino-chan ♥ said...

Okay I noted many points that I always do above there.. hahaha.. ^.^ but it's the truth..really.. x)

Rosemary said...

What a great post! I found myself giggling throughout it because I do so many of the same things. My boy thinks it's hysterical the way I won't use a product until I've photographed the packaging thoroughly. I'll have to start doing empties posts too I think! Great blog lovely xox

Cendana K said...

@Tine: It is such a good feeling!! I've gone thru quite a number of them and loved every moment of it! =)

@Fifi: Hehe :) I think it's perhaps as a blogger you become more aware of what kinds of things to write in your blog

@Tram: Hahaha yeah, I've started doing that few months ago and made things easier. Though I'd be naughty and forgot to stick some then I'm all confused hahaha.
Uhm, nah, I don't really find it embarassing or weird, really, the products are there on display for us to test out so why not. Don't worry bout what the SA thinks :)

@Tegan: Hahaha yeahh I think we all can relate :)

@Priyanka: Oh yes! Totally! When I speak to anyone about skincare or finding a foundation, I think the SA would be quite surprised to find out how much we actually know ;)

@BeastandBeauty: YAY! Good luck on hitting pans! It does take awhile :)

@Sui Rose: Welcome to the beauty blogging world

@lilpil: Whoa, not hitting any for 2 yrs? That's massive collection you must have hehehe... To be honest, I don't feel bad about swatching ahaha maybe just me

@Ceecile: Yeahh, when you do a post, let me know! Oh and thanks for your reply, I'll check it out on ebay or something.

@Chino-chan: ^___^

@Rosemary: Isn't it funny.. sometimes I would still start using it then photograph shortly after haha and can't wait to see your empties post! Thank you for stopping by, rosemary!

Adeline Er said...

So true!! LOL

Haven't hit pan but wanna "try" products LOL

and the photos one is SO TRUE LOLOL

great post dana!