January 9, 2012

Daylight Defense with Dermalogica Review and How You Can Win One

I guess if you had never met me, you could get away with not wearing any sunscreen. But you and I both know, at least by now you should be, that I am a strong believer in sun protection. I was not very much so before, but ever since I do realise that the Australian sun can be potentially quite dangerous – I cannot stress enough how crucial sun protection is.

How is everyone’s first week of the new year? I still cannot believe it is already the year 2012. Did the world just skip the year 2011? Oh wait, it didn’t, it just went by so quickly.

So this summer, Dermalogica teamed up with… well… no other better candidate than sunscreens and offer you the kind of skin kit we all need. I think so, it is also very handy, considering it comes with… oh I’ll show you soon. Also for those who like to sunbake or just have no choice but to be out in the sun, this kit caters for all. The products in this kit also contain vitamins, anti-oxidants and hydrating botanical extracts.

I have used this for several weeks now, on and off with my other sunscreens – and I have not felt any burning. Yay! Saved!


What I like about it:

  • Comes in a nice pouch – I really like this pouch, the colour, the texture and that it is see through without being too transparent. I can clearly see and find what I am looking for when I’m out, very easily. I have been carrying this everywhere with me as my makeup kit in my handbag. I somehow feel as though, even the pouch has a sun protection tint! (you know, like a car’s window’s tint) … get it?
  • Solar Defense Booster SPF30 – can be applied directly or mixed in with your moisturiser or your foundation. It is lightweight and does not feel greasy. It does not have the strong stinky sunscreen smell many other sunscreens possess. This product IS meant to be added to your favourite moisturiser without compromising your favourite moisturiser, so to say.
  • Multivitamin Bodyblock SPF20 – is slightly thicker in texture but still is not greasy or smells anything strong. It is easily absorbed into the skin. Nice product and I have not tanned so easily or burned. It is not oily nor is it drying.
  • Solar Shield SPF15 – this is a cute little practical sunscreen stick that I now carry everywhere with me. It looks like a lipbalm but you can use it anywhere around your body, wherever you feel needs the extra shield when you are out. You can use it on your lips, your ears, your nose and I used it on my nape and shoulders the other day because the sun had suddenly decided to go all out with their power. I did not get burned – yay! It contains vitamin C and E to counteract free radical damage. Perfect for lips and ears. This comes out clear.
  • After Sun Repair – is a clear gel that you can apply after you have been out in the sun. It is cooling and calming. This can be used on face and body. No strong fragrance. It contains Japanese Alder which accelerates DNA repair.



Now you can purchase the products individually at their website www.dermalogica.com.au or … at the Dermalogica counters for AUD$59.

But guess what!?

Wanna win one?

You can!

Daylight Defense Skin Kit_

How to win?

  • You have to be a subscriber – click “Join This Site” on your right
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Sorry for everyone else overseas! I promise I’ll do another giveaway that is International…


Giveaway closes - IS NOW CLOSED

Winner will be notified via email to arrange postage details.


Disclaimer: The products mentioned were kindly provided by Dermalogica.


Beauty Snippets said...

Dermalogica is one of my favourite skincare brands when I have the oney to splurge :(

So glad they're coming out with this sunscreen range!

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Girlie Blogger said...

Great products. I have used Dermalogica for a while and it really does wonders for the skin.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Awesome post! I am really obsessive about applying sunscreen to my face, neck and ears, though I am a bit slack when it comes to applying it on my body every single day.

I follow via GFC as SilhouetteScreams

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Tegan McIntosh said...

oh my goodness, I want to win this so badly!!

I did everything:
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Claire said...

arr! this is so what i need for some motivation to be sun safe!! i posted a tweet on twitter (@tenkerialc) and my gfc name is claire. My email is kentclaire[at]hotmail[dot]com. also liked your facebook page (claire kent)! :D x

mzmumma81 said...

done all the above :)

zoeeangelaa said...
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zoeeangelaa said...

Love Dermalogica SPF Products!

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Rockn said...

love these products!
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Haute_Style said...

Hey sweetness! HOW AMAZING IS SOLAR DEFENCE BOOSTER?! I use it everyday and I love it!! SO GOOD! PS- This giveaway is INCREDIBLE! Good sun protection is pretty much a NEED in AUS!!!

GFC Name: @Haute Stlye
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I tweeted too!! YAY!!

Mel said...

Absolutely love Dermalogica.
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thanks for the opportunity!

cosmeticsseller said...

Im cosmeticsseller on google, blogger, and twitter. Followed you and posted this link. i really need sunblock for my white skin (so I can keep it white)

JKT said...

Hi! I did everything.
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Thank you for the opportunity to win!