January 27, 2012

Kalahoo That’s Who!

Once in a while you come across a random find that turns out to be a precious gem. Being a beauty enthusiast those occasions come quite often, not that often but I have been finding more and more hidden underrated gems as of the past year. One is Stila Mineral Matte Eye Shadow in Kalahoo.

This post was actually rather inspired by a request from a fellow beauty blogger, Reese from Tropic of Beauty. We were on a conversation twittersation about using eye shadow to create shadow under our eyes inspired by a video by Lisa Eldridge on Marilyn Monroe Make Up which was amazing, I might add. The way Lisa Eldridge went through the history and explaining each details are the reasons why I enjoyed it so very much. Anyway I said that I use just one eye shadow for that. So here it is, dedicated to this one eye shadow I have been reaching for almost every day or each time I do my make up.


The shade Kalahoo is rated 4.3 in Make Up Alley which technically means that I’m not the only one who loves it. It sort of is a slightly brown-er version of MAC Copperplate, if using MAC as reference is best to describe it.

I purchased it many moons a yonkers ago at Cosmetics Fragrance Direct (if my memory serves me correctly) for only about AU$10, I think. Bad memory, I know. I’ve not seen it in Mecca Cosmetica but apparently someone in Make Up Alley said it is similar to the shade Rain. Strawberrynet might have it.

Oh – no strawberrynet doesn’t have it. I just checked. Bummer.

I use this for:

  • eye contour on the crease
  • eye shadow all over the lid
  • shading under the eyes for shadow effect
  • eyebrow

Yeap! I use this colour for my eyebrows too. I have several colours depending on my hair colour and whether it is a day time or night dramatic looks.


There you have it.

Do you have an eye shadow that is an all-rounder and can be worn any time and you’d be good to go?

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