January 21, 2012

Be Calm with Be In Awe Calming Serum

The skin is a complex structure that at times may be aggravated and clogged and all sorts of other ra ra ra, you get what I mean. Now with all the range available out there to ‘treat’ the skin, its own walls may not be strong enough to hold it together, hence sensitive. I find that perhaps incorporating natural products into my routine would help and how surprised I am, I can’t begin to tell you.

I was introduced to the brand Be In Awe by a fellow blogger, Me My Best and I – and you can see her journey here. That led me to email Rebecca Powne, the owner of an Australian brand fittingly named Be In AWE. AWE stands for Ancient Wisdom Encapsulated.

This is what Rebecca has to say about the skin being sensitive:

“I often find that most people do not have 'naturally' sensitive skin, therefore the main reason for irritation is poor skin barrier protection. The skin therefore is compromised and will react to many products. Once your barrier function is restored you can start to build your skin up with low levels of Vitamin A (retinol) and potent antioxidants.”

Be in Awe based their science from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda (Eye-your-vay-da), literally translates to “the science of life”.  It encompasses prevention, healing and longevity and it aims to prevent disease and to rejuvenate the mind and the body (source: here).

Rebecca Powne is a skincare professional who has been in the industry close to twenty years. She completed B.A. in Ayurvedic Studies (Indian Medicine) in London and B.H.Sc in Clinical Dermal Therapies in Melbourne. Since launching in April 2011, the products have expanded from Melbourne to Sydney and will hopefully, hopefully make it to Brisbane.

After consulting with Rebecca about my skin, she suggested I try the Nirvaata Calming serum and use Amala Clearing serum whenever there is any breakout or spot treatment. I am meant to use it to clean skin, after a toner.

A little background on my skin: it can get dehydrated easily, it can get irritated (itchy or red) easily as well. Any kind of rubbing would accentuate that too. I get flushed easily and there are times when I just want to find products to ‘soothe’ my skin. The answer is this Nirvaata Calming Serum.


“The Calming Serum gently helps to reduce skin irritation from external stressors. It is recommended to assist in alleviating redness, itching and burning sensations.

nirvaata Calming serum contains a powerful blend of natural anti inflammatory ingredients which have proven to aid in skin barrier function, reduce the effects of external stressors and maintain the cell’s energy levels; added to this are essential fatty acids, Bisabolol and Vitamins E and D3 to ensure a calming effect on the skin.

The calming serum is designed for post laser/IPL, peels, shaving and sun exposure to restore the skin’s cells to a normal structure. It is also suitable for daily use for sensitive skin conditions.”

What I find…

Creamy in texture, lightweight, not sticky or greasy, silky smooth, very calming, soothes irritated red skin.

Smells divine in the borderline of marzipan and marshmallow and keeps my skin excited each time I sniff apply the serum.

As it is anti-inflammatory as well, I seriously just turn to this serum for any reactions I get just from daily stressors or due to environmental causes – I get itchy patches! I massage this serum and itchyness gone. (Apology for unable to show photos but how do you show itchyness in photos?)

I use this at night time after toner and before my moisturiser. For those with oilier skin and if you find it moisturising enough, you can skip the moisturiser.

Full ingredient list

Water, Century (Centaurium erythrea) extract, Phragmites kharka extract, Poria cocos extract, Sorbitan Olivate & Cetearyl Olivate, Butyrospermum parkii (karite) seed butter, Colloidal oat flour, Guar gum, Linoleic & Linolenic acid, Tritium vulgare (Wheatgerm) oil, Bisabolol, Zingiber Officianale (Ginger) Root oil, Cholecalciferol (Vit D3), Frankincense oil, Tocopherol (natural vitamin E), Lactic acid, Sodium lactate, Natural preservative.

From my experience, my skin enjoys and likes oatmeal as a cleanser because it really does soothes my skin and softens it. Notice its appearance as one of the ingredients in this serum. It acts just as I would imagine it to be. It soothes and softens, and keeps my skin calm.

Bisabolol – is an anti irritant, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial. It also has skin healing properties.

Frankincense oil – soothes and calms, also rejuvenates ageing skin.

I was impressed with the sample size that I want to buy the full size! So I emailed Rebecca wondering how and where I can buy one, since it is not available in Brisbane.

And she was very kind to gift me the full size! I THANK YOU!

However, the website will soon be available for online shopping! YAYYY!!


Price: $69 (for 50ml pump bottle as seen in above photo)

Note: Little goes a long way with this serum.

What’s next: I am leaning into purchasing the Clearing Serum (to treat acne or any blemishes), and perhaps the other serums as a start into anti aging prevention. No harm in starting early.

If you happen to contact Rebecca do say hi to her from me.

You can find out more information by visiting the Be In Awe website.


Disclaimer: The product was provided free of charge in accordance to personal skin consultation with Rebecca Powne, owner of Be In Awe. I receive no compensation in reviewing the product and was not obliged to, as mentioned in Disclosure Policy. This deserves a review because it’s worth it and would like to introduce it to you, my readers.

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Me, my best and I said...

yay so glad u like it & it's working for you- I used my calming today as I am a little red after facial plus will rebut clearing when it runs out & I've just bought the lightening serum for my acne scars online so I can confirm there is PayPal option available if u email them- I love that thes serums work and do as they say while still being natural!!