January 25, 2012

I’m Leaving on a Jetplane… What to bring?

With the travelling rate still going strong amongst people I know, I wonder if you have any tips or products in regards to flying comfortably and to remain feeling fresh. I think flying 6 hours is fine but imagine 10 or worse, 20… and plus the waiting in between transit and all. It adds up! So how do you remain fresh?

1) Eye Drops

For those with contact lenses or glasses or just those with eyes that could feel dry during your time in the airplane, eye drops are a must. You would not want to be feeling dry eyes – utterly uncomfortable!

2) Face Spray

This could be your toner or any kind of facial spray. And, of course in travel size. I used to loathe the idea behind facial spray but I now thank you for them! My picks: Mario Badescu Facial Spray, MAC Fix+, MAC Charged Water, Lush Eau Roma Water Toner. Look for unbreakable packaging.

3) Moisturiser / Lotion / Serum

If you have sample sachets of lotion or serum – perfect! Bring them, they would come in handy while flying or during transit so you don’t have to carry around extra kg (not that they weigh a kg, but they add up!) Flying is drying, and you don’t want to shrivel to an raisin by the time you have to exit the airplane.

4) Lip Balm

This goes hand in hand with the previous product. Your lips may get dry – so don’t forget your lip balm. Just something easy that you don’t have to use your fingers or an extra applicator to apply.

5) Plenty of water or fluid

Not that you need to carry a huge litre of water bottle around but one you might not think of whilst on the plane, though I think you should be. Yes it may cause you to go to the toilet more than once during the journey, but hey, better get your body hydrated rather than dehydrated! Dehydration can lead to headaches and nausea, and dry skin.

6) Concealer

Hah! Don’t murder me because I mention a makeup product. Hey, during the time you might develop some redness or what not – who knows. Or a blemish might appear (God forbids!)… Concealer is your friend best friend.

7)  Powder

If despite the dry atmosphere you know you might get a little oily, especially those T-zone area. Or in my case, the centre of my face. Maybe a lightweight one would be better than a full coverage one. For instance, a Mineralized Skinfinish Natural may be a better option rather than the Studio Fix. Although that’s personal preference. In my opinion, the fuller coverage one might look a little cakey when you reapply during flight.

8) A multipurpose lip/cheek product

Again, this is a personal preference. But I find that I might look “sick” or “pale” or “washed out” after a long flight. I like a multipurpose lip/cheek product like Eyeko Fat Balm is perfect to carry around. Not only it is not drying it gives a nice pop of colour and glow to your cheeks so you look fresher in an instant! Now I regret not getting more of these Fat Balms. Thanks to Kylie from Blooming Diaries blog for introducing me to Eyeko Fat Balm (It was my birthday present). It is even blendable by fingers, too! Too easy!

9) Foot Spray

This might sound odd but even this is a novelty for me. Your feet will definitely get tired and sore from the “sitting down” – your feet will thank you for this little spray. This instantly refreshes and I believe you need to look after your feet – you’re standing and walking on them all the time. They’re bound to complain. Not literally, but you would feel the tiredness and soreness, then…? Something with a bit of mint would be refreshing for the feet. I’m currently loving Shoemistress Refreshing Foot Spray. It contains aloe vera, lemon and peppermint. It does help soothe and refresh my feet.

10) Floss

You might not be able to brush your teeth for some reason and you have something in between your teeth that you simply cannot remove with bare hands. What to do? Floss is your only hope. I used to not bother with it, but trust me, there are times I am thankful for having this with me.


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