January 11, 2012

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Times and times again I feel as though I am stuck in the middle, on a train ride with blank sceneries on the both sides. Perhaps lost in a forest stressing out which road to choose, the right or the left or the one right in front. I guess this post is just a little reflections of what happened recently… a little rambling, a little rant and as always, sprinkles of randomness.

How was I when I started this blog almost 2 1/2 years ago. This blog was born on October 2009, would you believe it? You didn’t know that, did you? I feel like I was a different person in 2009, 2010 and 2011. It seems that every year, with each turn I take, each mistake I made and each fall I stumbled… makes me who I am today.

Everybody is onto new year’s resolution. I only look forward for the better, for success and for my prayers to be answered. To be more patient and to listen more carefully. To be at balance and to keep moving forward wherever whichever path you take. It will all make sense, in the end, I will look back and connect all the pieces that things did happen for a reason and it will always be that way.

(Note: Photos Heavy)

BB Photos as of 090112

  • This was an inspired hairstyle… that I wore to work one day. Kind of forgotten how to redo it now, hahaha…
  • Totally looking forward for better hairstyle that is easier to style hahaha… the inspirations are still coming from Ms J Lo and with the bangs.

BB Photos as of 0901121

BB Photos as of 0901122

BB Photos as of 0901124

  • We now have the $10 quick and easy haircut in Sunnybank. Pay $10 into a machine, get your ticket and get your haircut.
  • Lush Brisbane Queens St Store finally had their cleansers and fresh masks available – though I did buy the last Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Mask (review coming up soon this month!)
  • Want some Korean BBQ? Red & Grill is the restaurant I would take you. Yes, yes there are Obaltan, Madtongsan, Hanwoori, and gazillion other Korean restaurants in the city but unless you are on a Korean special foodie adventure and craves to try all lest you cry… I’d pick this for grill.
    Asking for hot pot? I’d take you elsewhere.

BB Photos as of 0901125

  • CafĂ© 21 (at Treasury Casino, Brisbane) – unfortunately is not up to the standard I expected it to be. It should not even be anywhere near the services and the food I experienced last Sunday. Spaghetti (smoked salmon with cream sauce) – the cream sauce was tasteless and tasted like glue or paint…
    Cappuccino – the first one that came out was not hot (it was cooler than room temperature even!!) and it did not taste like coffee. It tasted like… barely there coffee in water. Too watery. What the!
    Service was also… yeah anyway, unfortunately definitely not recommending. If you feel like anything pasta, I would totally just go to Groove Train (King George Square preferrably if you don’t want to wait the line at the Eagle St Pier)

BB Photos as of 0901126

  • My nails of the week – OPI Atomic Orange
  • The view of my backyard… hahaha not really, it is an area near where I live.

And what’s my house without the joy of our baby boy… Rama

BB Photos as of 0901123

It is currently 4.15pm right now and Brisbane has turned to quite a hot oven. It is not a sauna, Indonesia is a sauna. Singapore is a sauna. This Brisbane weather is a bit more like… grilling satay. Hot weather, hot sun, hot wind and dry. Wait, satay is not that dry. Anyway, you get what I mean. I just had a shower and already I feel like I need to jump back in! I feel as though I have a fever. Not the kind of weather my brain would like. Nor my beauty products would like. Damn I hope none are melting, they are far away from the sun… *stares at the products*

2012… the year that everybody says is going to end. …and I’m turning 24. Hah! The calendar still goes beyond 21st December so we’ll have to see. I do think that life goes on and to focus the thoughts on what to do now, and to be done… not worrying about the “if the world ends”… I probably won’t live well to my fullest that way. Stay strong, stay true to yourself…


in hope


in faith




Rainy Days and Lattes said...

This was a really nice post. I feel that way sometimes and particularly every January, I always question myself to see where I'll be, where I want to be and how to get there without roads showing up openly. It's refreshing to start "new" in 2012, I hope you have a great year :)

Girlie Blogger said...

Such a nice look back at your blog, as well as your life. I think 2012 will be a wonderful year for you.


Imran said...

Have a great 2012 D! I also have a post about making your year the best, and a previous one about wrapping up 2011. Whatever it is, I know you will get to where you want as long as you keep the faith and take massive action.

May your prayers be answered, God Bless!


Priyanka said...

such a lovely post and as always your pictures are amazing. I wish you all the best for the year ahead, may all your hopes, dreams and wishes come true:)

SilhouetteScreams said...

Awwh this was such a lovely post <3 Though I don't know if Brisbane weather differs from the Gold Coast, because the Gold Coast is a sauna ;]

All the best for the year ahead :)

Lisa said...

i loved reading through this post and going down memory lane with you hon!! i hope for lots of wonderful things for you in 2012 :)

Fifi said...

Aww I feel the same way Dana! I feel like I'm really growing as a person in the last 3 years and my blog grows with me. I wish you all the best in 2012!

Cendana K said...

@RainyDaysandLattes: Thank you! Definitely a fresh start and hope you have a great year too :)

@GirlieBlogger: Thank you for your support and commenting in my posts, hope you have a wonderful year too :)

@Imran: Thank you~ Definitely been checking out your words of wisdom :)

@Priyanka: May your dreams and hopes come true too!! ^__^

@Jerry: hahaha nah, brisbane isn't quite a sauna ;)

@Lisa: Thank you for stopping by my blog again, Lisa! I love everytime you comment :) Have an amazing year ahead!

@Fifi: All the best to you tooo!! Maybe someday when I go back to Indo I get to meet all the Indonesian bloggers too! ^^