May 27, 2011

Style Mention: Elie Saab S/S 2011 Couture

While us over on the south side of the world is experiencing early Winter, those on the north side of the globe are celebrating Spring awaiting Summer. I accidentally came across this collection tonight… and I fainted… To la la land… There’s something mesmerising about this whole collection, one which truly did captivated my attention tonight and here I shall share with you… such inspirational pieces from Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.


The colours… the colours… the colours!! The texture… the texture… the texture! Elegant, intricate, romantic, they just make me go mmmm!! In my perfect world / dream, I’d have a piece from each colour… or maybe even every one of them filling up a section in my Oprah-like wardrobe room. Oh one can dream…

I’m really loving this collection – what about you?

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