May 18, 2011

Introducing Cloud 9

I have first heard of Cloud 9 many months ago somewhere online but I don’t remember where. That’s it. Nothing more, no more news. However when they did a demonstration at the Brisbane Beauty Bloggers Event many weeks ago I was intrigued – very captivated and was very interested in knowing more of their products range. Something about the product has totally sold me. Is it the sleek all black look? Is it their new innovative fresh ideas of technology? Or is it just because they do perform the very best kind of hairstyle I have ever come across? Read on…

From the inventors and founders of ghd – I give you… Cloud 9

Whatever your hair type is, whatever your hair length is… there’s something in the range that will suit your need.

What about it?

Adjustable temperatures – there are 6 heat settings (100, 125, 150, 175, 200)
Korean rock minerals ceramic plates – which glides through the hair without stripping the moisture, instead locking the moisture in by sealing the cuticles of the hair which gives you the glossy shiny healthy finish
Automatic hibernation mode when left unused for 30 minutes – so you won’t worry about burning a hole through your desk
Swivel cord that truly won’t let you tangle it
Universal voltage
If you look closely to the design, they have designed so that there’s minimum chance of you (us) burning ourselves. The rounded barrel head is designed with its sides slightly covering the heat plates so that there’s less chance of us burning our fingers.

Why is the adjustable temperature important in maintaining the condition of our hair?

Well we all have been guilty as charged of the old hair straightener by switching it on not knowing how high it would get (usually 200+ degrees Celsius) and totally toasting our hair… only to find that it went static and frizzes up within the next half an hour. Why’s that?

You see… that level of temperature will totally strip the moisture out of our hair and the cuticles that are now gaping for moisture are left there trying so hard to find moisture in the air surround it. That is why it goes static. That is why… the straw hair. If you’re after the Scarecrow style, by all means, go for it, but as for me, I like to try to achieve the flowy kind of hair when I can.

The Range


Suitable for most hair type hence being called the Standard. Smooth, curls, flicks, waves – whichever style you prefer – this will do it for you.

Cloud Nine iron

RRP $270


With wider plates you can now take your time styling your hair. The width of the styler allows you full control of styling your thick unruly hair. Or even just to smoothen out long hair. You can even do great big waves with this hot iron =)

Cloud Nine Wide Iron
RRP $270


Not only this wins in the “oh so cute” category, this wins in the “travel friendly” category weighing only 169 grams and measuring 15cm in length. Perfect for short hair, fringes, men or even a quick touch up during the day or your trips – which save you from carrying other hefty tools to create the hair style you need. This has a set temperature of 150 degrees – which works best for anything, really.

RRP $90

The O

Say what? The Out of This World! That’s what! You’ll see what I mean when you take a look at… this

TheO Pod

Taking a closer look at the inside of The O Pod

UNIT on white The O Pod

What is it?

A technology that surely will take your hair to new heights.

Think volume. Think voluminous. Think va va voom. Without the biceps workout.

Professional styling has never been easier with the latest groundbreaking innovation technology.

“TheO uses unique heat induction technology that heats each roller to 130 degrees – the highest temperature you can achieve within a heated roller - in less than four seconds, giving you the volume that can only be achieved with a heater roller, in record time.

Simply pop a roller into the futuristic pod, wait for the beep, and style. And while the roller continues to rise in temperature in your hair, the pod remains completely cool and ready for the next roller.

TheO allows for girls to create big and voluminous hair with ease. Adding instant shine and smoothness - thanks to the special and patented soft grip technology - TheO reduces frizz and crinkling around the ends.

Oscar Cullinan of Oscar Oscar salons, comments:

“With the invention of TheO, struggling with a 45 minute round brush blow-dry is now a thing of the past. TheO allows you to create sexy volume and movement in just 15 minutes! It eliminates the need to stretch and burn your hair or spending over an hour to create glamour waves with ceramic or bristle brushes which, by the way, stress the hair and scalp and is an uncomfortable procedure for clients!”

The rollers come in five different sizes to suit all your hair styling needs. Roller Range

60mm; 50mm; 40mm; 30mm; 20mm

Pod RRP AUD$299

Rollers RRP AUD$29 (pack of 4)

Now for the final product that I truly would like to introduce to all of you is…

The Wand


It is yet to be launched in Australia ahead of worldwide release – when? just in the coming week!


All other curling tools better look out!! This styler is your perfect go-to tool, a curling tool like no other. It has an interesting design with its sleek streamlined cone-shaped black barrel that features the Korean rock minerals that ensures you the finish and the gloss just like the other Cloud Nine styling irons. The length of the barrel varies from the base to the tip – to give you more variety and choice of the kind of style you’re after. I think this will suit all kinds of hair, ranging from super thick, long, and curly. Its temperature is even adjustable!

It has a cover… over the barrelWand-with-cover

Now you can achieve the Victoria’s Secret’s perfect hair or that toussled look with just 1 tool. 1 tool to do it all.

Cloud Nine Brisbane was kind enough to give me the chance to preview and test out The Wand at their headquarter the other day – oh, boy, was I impressed! Not only it took less than 10 minutes to do my entire hair, but without any product whatsoever, the finish was … nothing short of impressive! The curls literally lasts for days! And still glossy!


Brisbane-20110517-00160 - CopyBrisbane-20110517-00165Brisbane-20110518-00172Brisbane-20110518-00177

Do you see why I am so impressed? That was with NO PRODUCT like hairspray or gel or wax or any other styling sprays to hold the curl! And do you notice the gloss? Goodness gracious me!! I think I fell in love… with my own hair that day and the very next… I think I’m going to have The Wand withdrawal soon…

Well then… there you have it. Have you tried Cloud 9? Do you use styling tool? Do you prefer straight or wavy toussled look? Leave your comments below =)

Have a great weekend

Stay beautiful
Stay blushfully beautiful


Disclaimer: All photos of products and information and trial were provided to me by Cloud Nine PR company. Photos of me are all property of, please do not use without permission.


cloud 9 hair straighteners said...

Wow you're hair looks amazing! My ghd straighteners broke the other day after 2 years of constant use and my friend recommended I got a pair of cloud 9 straighteners. After reading this review, you've completely convinced me and I'm going to order some tonight. I can't wait, my friend says them come in a beautiful box too!

cswkoko said...

Your hair looks amazing on these photos/ I think I will add this product to my Christmas gifts wish list)