May 14, 2011

POTD My attempt at being a food critic

Today for lunch my mum, my sisters and I went to a restaurant called La Vie at Westfield Chermside here in Brisbane. Anyway we decided we would get several dishes and try them out – we like to share.

Here’re what we ordered:


Eggs Royal – eggs benedict (poached eggs) and smoked salmon on toasted English muffin topped with Hollandaise sauce.

My opinion on it? That was no Hollandaise sauce… that tasted more like runny mustard. Everything else was good. The eggs were poached and the yolk was runny and the white was just the right firmness and smooth to taste. My only little complain is the sauce. I mean, c’mon, really?



Smoked Salmon Spaghetti with Creamy Dill Sauce – topped with capers and black olives

I think this was alright – a little on the saltier side but it was still at least flavourful and they sure did give you a lot of smoked salmon and sauce. The capers and the olives add a nice mixture to the strong smokey salmon flavour, while the creamy dill sauce complimented the whole dish just like a homemade spaghetti. Presentation wise, I was not impressed with the little strand of spaghetti piece exposed on the side there as the waiter placed it in front of us. But if I weren’t so picky on the presentation… it’s an alright dish. If you like smoked salmon and the combination of dill, olives and capers work for you – this one serves you alright.



Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken

This was a let down. How do you fail a grilled chicken caesar salad? When the chicken were not even grilled. Look at it… I tasted them too. They tasted pan fried. Too dry and just tasteless, really. The salad itself was just pathetic too – they look sad.


Photo was not taken – but we also did order Golden Chips, which was… so not worth it. Priced at AUD$6.50 it was not a large bowl of chips and only a squirt of tomato sauce for dipping. Any other sauce, you would have to pay an extra $1. For less than the price and inclusive of any kind of sauce you want, you can get better chips or fries elsewhere. Namely, Red Room at University of Queensland, St Lucia… =) What I meant by better is that they actually batter it differently and it taste nice and crispy. The chips here were tasteless and just a slap and dash job reheating a pack of ready made frozen chips.

Well, well, well, alrighty then… there goes my attempt at being a food critic. I’ve just had better kinda food, y’know? However for quite affordable lunch special, La Vie has got quite a range of menu you can literally check out for several minutes. It’s not a bad restaurant and it’s accessible. They have their own bathroom for you to use and water is free. Their menu needs redesigning though, the lamination was peeling off and everything… gosh!! Alright, alright… that’s it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Photos taken via Blackberry


nisa-chan said...

the foods look so yummy :D

.blushfully. said...

hehehe lumayan enak kok :) tapi aku kangen makanan indo!! :( hahaha

Anonymous said...

OMGGGGG! This is too freaky babe. I was at Chermside today and my mum and I decided to have some breakfast at La Vie too! We must have like just missed each other by minutes. And get this... I ordered the EGGS ROYAL!! And guess what... both my mum's food and mine had flying ants in it... WTF! I wanted to vomit. Def not going back there! (and I agree... that was no hollandaise! haha).

Tiff said...

I just stumbled on your blog looking at beauty blogs and I have to agree with Red Room chips! Although I don't know, I think Wordie's chips are about to take the cake :).

Thanks for this review by the way, I now know what not to eat when I go to Chermside! Although i'm so poor, i'll probably just eat at Hainichi like usual XD.