May 29, 2011

Updated Wishlist as of June 2011

How’s everybody in Australia holding up with the early Winter chills? I sure have been dosing up on hot tea almost every morning and night and carry my coat and wear a scarf, especially when you know you will be coming home late in the evening. The sun goes down way too fast, the day just feels too short. Plus, it’s already almost June! What! I swear it feels as though it was just January! I still remember what happened in January and it’s already June? Where did it all go?

How long since I last did a Wishlist post? Too long ago… so I thought, what would be better than to share with you what are in my wishlist… it changes all the time, I tell you… Hah! I think we can all relate…

First up…


You see… I’ve been searching for a lace dress either in cream/ivory or black. I’m also loving knitted sweater sort of wear, as seen in (4). Noticing that Urban Decay finally took the initiative to change their legendary Primer Potion to a squeezy tube, I now want one in Eden (matte beige tone) which I think would be very handy for daily use. Illamasqua products are jumping up in my wishlist due to their impressive quality and unique philosophy behind the brand. Hourglass, on the other hand will always be my love affair, despite its steep price that burn a hole through my bank account. Its new Aura Cheek stain that can also be used on your lips is just mmmhmmm… delicious. Chanel foundations… self explanatory.

On the other hand… I’m also wishing for…


New skincare range… I’ve been wanting a new skincare range ever since Autumn hit. Currently I’m still testing out products here and there and the only one thing I’ve been using consistently is the Japanese cleansing oils (brands such as Kose, Kanebo, Shiseido).

Tom Ford Champaca Absolute – mmhmm divine! This is not your average fragrance, if it was a meal it would be a hearty broth that has been brewed for many hours to bear that absolutely distinct aroma. First hit would get you intoxicated like no other. This is not for the lighthearted, mind you. It is adventurous, it is sexy, it is just mmmhmm! And I love it. Does it help that it is my sister’s name? (alternative spelling of Cempaka) Hehehe…

With top notes consisting of cognac, bergamot and dyer’s greenweed – middle notes of champaca, orchid, violet and jasmine; and base notes of vanilla, amber, sandalwood and marron glace. This is surely one scent I won’t forget. It has sandalwood… which translates to Chandana (alternative spelling of Cendana – yeap, that’s my name). Hearty floral for an adventurous night in town.

So there we have it… A little sneak peek of what’s in my current wishlist… Things may change, feelings might wander… wishlist is called a wish list for a reason… =)

What fragrance are you lemming right now?



Anonymous said...

I should really go smell these famous Tom Ford fragrances that I've been hearing so much about ! Cognac is my choice of alcohol -- could it fair just as well in a perfume ? Probably ! ^^

I'm loving Histoire de parfum's 1969, beautiful complex fragrance ;-)

Me, my best and I said...

I'm seriously needing Gucci Flora after trying a sample, am hooked!!

PopBlush said...

What a fun post. I definitely want to try some Chanel foundations and some Dior foundations aswell.

I am lemming Chloe and Daisy by Marc Jacobs! :)

.blushfully. said...

@Me,my best and I: hi =) I tried to go to your blog but couldn't? Oohh Gucci Flora and the Guilty are nice =)

@Popblush: Oh yes, Chloe! I'm lemming that too haha but I think I want this Tom Ford more. ;p Chanel foundations... definitely something I'd love to try.

To all: Awesome to see more Australian bloggers!! =D

SmolderPhloof said...

hey... I've just had my hands on those Naked palette since... YESTERDAY! haha yup ive only managed to get it thru a friend living in NY.

and i love love love Chanel Foundations, esp. Mat Lumiere.

Illamasqua's gloss is super awesome...I need to control my spending. *GASP!*