May 25, 2011

Dr Perricone SUPER Skincare

Today I was treated to a quick face treatment at Dr Perricone, Kit Cosmetics Myer Brisbane City. I was greeted by Samantha – who would be my lovely consultant for the day.


She explained to me that this new skincare range by Dr Perricone envisaged the quick and easy skincare routine using natural ingredients such as… Acai berries, Chia seeds, Chilli peppers, Melon, Watercress, Coconut Water, Ginger, Olive etc. Sounds yummy, don’t you think?
Superfood – that’s what they’re called. Honestly, I really like the idea, it’s something I would probably get myself into. So… High Five Dr Perricone! Actually, the Superfood idea reminds me of the Korean skincare brand Skinfood… though Skinfood has a HUGE range of products, I tell you, HUGE! Superfood on the other hand carries 14 products in total. 1 cleanser for all skins, 1 toner, that sort of thing…

Now for those of you who have not heard of Dr Nicholas Perricone…he’s a US dermatologist that Oprah would call for any skincare needs, and has written books on health, diet, beauty and things related. What got me interested wasn’t that… it’s because I’ve heard of his name but never got around to try out his products until this morning.

After removing my face makeup with New Sweet Clean Face and Eye Cleanser (contains Acai) [120ml for AUD$44.95] - which I must say was a gentle cleanser that did not irritate at all.

Samantha went ahead and apply the 3-Minute Facial Intensive Treatment Mask (contains Ginger) [60ml for AUD$75.95]. Warning: expect some tingly sensation when using the ginger mask, I did experience that and even though it was quite gentle on my face areas it was quite stingy around my mouth area, especially on my upper lips – boy did it feel spicy! You know the feeling of just accidentally brushing your upper lip with pepper or chillies? Yeah… it didn’t go away even after thorough removal of the mask. It was still there about 5-10minutes later… maybe I’m just more sensitive.

She then applied the Bright Eyed Flawless Eye Treatment (contains Melon) [15ml for AUD$74.95] gently around my eyes. Melon is loaded with Vitamins A and C to really have that brightening effect. I can’t say much whether it did brighten my eyes or not – well, it was hard to judge from one application.

Afterwards we went ahead and choose a moisturiser for the face. There were 2 kinds:

O-Mega Moisture Nourishing Cream (contains Chia) [30ml for AUD$62.95] which was targeted for really dry skin – because it contains chia, which has a potent level of omega-3 and antioxidant which boosts your immune level and promotes healthy hair, nails, skin – a superfood, really. A super kind of seeds…

Hyper Hydrator Daily Moisturiser (contains Coconut Water) [30ml for AUD$62.95] which was targeted more towards combination or those other skins apart from being too dry. Coconut is an excellent source of hydration – if you’re thirsty, try drinking coconut water. Not only it is helluva refreshing, it is just so delicious. I know… hey, I’m from Indonesia, I drink coconut water whenever I can and they’re quite abundant over there in the Southeast Asian countries. Moreover, this is meant to nourish and protect the skin, help to relieve dryness and redness - something I look for along with good hydrating effect. We decided to use this on me.

The scent of this is really of coconut – warning for those who dislikes anything coconut scent, you would not like this moisturiser.

For more products information, feel free to CLICK HERE.

And that was it, guys. Ok, see you later, bye.

Hahaha… nah, that wasn’t it. It was for the treatment, quick and easy, hence the tagline “Fancy a quickie?” … but Samantha was kind enough not to let me out the door without reapplying and touching up on my now barenaked face. Starting off with a primer, using Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (that clear silicon-ey one) then she applied Smashbox Healthy FX Foundation in F1 using Smashbox foundation brush… then finish it with Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder (which I don’t know which shade she used).

Initial thoughts… I must say that the harsh white lighting in the store is just unforgiving to your newly-done-up face because you can see every little particles on your face from the freshly applied powder. However, let it settle… I think that’s the thing with base makeup. You have to give it time to settle, unless you do photography, theatres or movies and then the makeup would be of different style and placement.

I thought… that was it, right? No, I was wrong. I was so shocked to find that I could choose 1 product to take home with me. Full size! Oh my goodness I had to pick 1! Straight away I thought of the moisturiser… you know why? Well… I’ve been looking around for a new moisturiser for the longest time, you friends of mine who’ve heard me mention this would know… and this opportunity could not have come at better time! I was thinking of the mask but sadly the ginger in it was a little too strong on my skin so that’s a no no. So the delicious Coconut Water moisturiser was the chosen item for me to take home.


Above is a look of the box… complete with its own spatula.


You can slightly figure out the consistency of this moisturiser – when I opened it the product just almost came all over the place, I was so lucky not to drop it!




And a quick look at how it applies…


Can you see my hand looks hydrated after I applied the moisturiser? Not obvious? I will really have to try it again on my face and see how it feels in a long term. Hopefully it won’t break me out! Hopefully it keeps my face hydrated in this cruel and unkind winter weather – that is only good for fashion with scarfs and coats and all you can wear.

All in all, it was a lovely experience and first impression - but I shall test this out first before any further thoughts...

Have you tried Dr Perricone Superfood Skincare?
If you have, which is your favourite product? Any recommendation?
If you haven’t, tell me about your favourite skincare brand…?


Disclaimer: This treatment was courtesy of Kit Cosmetics


Suzanne said...

I love that all these Kit Quickie blogs are coming out.

I didn't get a shot at the Coconut water moisturiser! Which skin type did you choose? I went with the uneven skin tone one, though I could have gone for the oily one as well.

I also got the Smashbox Halo perfecting powder! And now I want it SO BAD.

.blushfully. said...

@Suzanne: I went with the After Glow but I did mention to her my skin is getting slightly dehydrated due to the winter weather and slightly sensitive and acne prone but we pretty much went ahead with the After Glow. I didn't get a shot at the Chia Omega-3! =( She said it would be too rich, but you said it works well with your oily skin?! I'm wanting to try the other products now =( haha

Jen W said...

Sounds lovely! I could really use a facial.