April 20, 2010

What I Think of... Hourglass Brushes

Why did I fall in love with this brand... and how I wish I could do a video on it right now...
These brushes... I soon will share why I love them so much and they're going to be my babies... I love love love the No. 2 brush for the purpose for applying liquid foundation. I've had problems using the MAC190 style foundation brushes and I have no problem whatsoever using this No. 2 brush to apply any kind of liquid foundation.

Here's a peek of what the brushes look like...

Why I love them:
- metal handles (nice weight to it, luxurious feel, doesn't get dirty)
- takelon bristles (no animals died for these brushes)
- super duper soft (they literally feel like rabbit's fur or little puppy's fluffy fur)
- easy to clean (looks new each time i clean it)
- no weird smell
- no weird, yucky, black dye
- just the right amount of pressure and texture and size (not too hard, not too flimsy)
- doesn't scratch your face (it's super soft after all!)
- flat bottom (means that I can place them in a lipstick holders or any kind of holders and they stand up)
- cheaper than MAC brushes (Check out MECCA COSMETICA AUSTRALIA)
- have I mentioned how soft they are
- they are beautiful (rose gold/bronzed metal packaging) - exquisite!!

Haha, yeah, I'm a fan... These brushes are my lifetime investments now. Not sure if I need to purchase the eye brushes, but the face brushes are essentials. Luckily I'm relatively new to makeup (only been few months since I had gotten big on it) and I'm yet to invest on brushes such as these. I don't even own a single MAC brush.

Anyway, they are available from MECCA COSMETICA now if you are in Australia. If you are in US or Singapore, do check them out at Sephora.
I know Singapore Sephora is still having the loyalty points going, and Hourglass is one of the brands listed you can use your $40 Voucher on. I know I have, when I was in Singapore months back. Hehehe...

Alright, I should get back to study. Thought I share a little of my love for Hourglass.
And and and!!!!! Can't wait till my appointment on 1st May with Michael Pierce (International Makeup Artist for Hourglass) !!! It'll be interesting !! This will be my first time ever...



BeautiK said...

Just got hold of some hourglass cheek products- now I wish I had the brushes to go with them too- uh oh! Thanks x

DANA said...

=D which cheek products did you get? i really like the products and their brush is multifunctional, i'd say! check it out next time!

Jenni & Ying said...

Great blog! I'm from Australia too :)
really interested in everyday minerals so its good to see a good review!