April 18, 2010

Quick Update & What's On

1) Hourglass Cosmetics is coming to mecca cosmetica !! I received an email invitation about their International Makeup Artist Event, which will be held on 1st May Saturday with Michael Pierce.
$50 will secure your place and will be redeemable on products on the day.

I spoke to the Sales Assistant in mecca @ Queens Plaza and they already have a price list on Hourglass products ^^ and when we were talking about it, she said to me "You would make their best advertising person!" Hahaha!! That's because I already am using Hourglass products and loving it! Foundation, brush, concealer... hehe... price-wise, yes it's quite pricey, but not as pricey as NARS... the prices are of the same digits as it is in SGD but due to conversion SGD would be cheaper of course. For instance. Foundation is AUD87 and SGD87 ... You can find Hourglass in Sephora Singapore ^^

There must be something about this brand that really grabbed me for I'm now wanting more of it. I'm now wanting pretty much their face ranges such as:
- Veil Mineral Primer SPF15
- Veil Invisible Loose Powder
- Oxygen Mineral Foundation Powder
- Prodigy Lipgloss
- Adorn Hydrating Lipstick
- Powder Brush
- Retractable Brush
- Trace Lip Liner
- Trace Eye Liner
I'm all about face makeup hahaha... and lipsticks (recently) and eyeliners, blushes and brushes. I'm still investing slowly on brushes, you see... since I've only been a makeup fan since 6 months ago lol...

Yes, I love Hourglass Cosmetics.

2) Loving Blooming Lovely lipstick from MAC Liberty of London Collection! It's very expensive here in Australia but I don't regret it. It costs AUD41

3) Loving Everyday Minerals even more now that I took a break from it for about a month ish and fell in love with it all over again. Plus, I got complimented on how smooth my face looks with it on!! I was surprised! I'm loving Swimming Pool blush as contour (see my March
Favourite post)

and Come What May to top it off on the high part of my cheekbones and as blush

And I've now been using Light Medium in INTENSIVE formula a lot more than the Original Glo formula. It brightens my complexion and gives me the flawless finish I love love love hehehe you can see I really am loving it. Everyday Minerals does it for me in areas of foundation and concealer and blush. I'm such a fan ==

4) Lush
Oh yes, what about Lush? For those of you in Australia, you can now take advantage of their current promotion of 7 Hair products samples for only $14.95! It's all personalised, you can choose from a range of products to take home and sample before you purchase the full size.
You get:
2 solid shampoo - which may I add, surprisingly lather so well and lasts for so long, it surprises me! 1 liquid shampoo 1 liquid conditioner 1 solid conditioner 1 hair moisturiser (compulsory in every pack) - H suan wen hua 1 hair styling gel/cream

For those with hair that's limp or slightly greasy or combination, do try:
BIG liquid shampoo (I lovesss this... yeah great English haha)
KARMA KOMBA solid shampoo (for those who loves the Karma scent, this is the shampoo)

Oh oh and seems like Brisbane is becoming more alive with Free Live Music at front of the Old City Hall ... wish I have picture to show you...

And a song I'm loving right now is by Daughtry called "Life After You"

"All that I'm after is a life full of laughter, as long as I'm laughing with you..."


Sagu said...

I'm still sad that I can find an Everyday Minerals foundation match D: But their blushes are just awesome, I own some samples (8, to be precise...) and I've been thinking of getting some full sizes.

DANA said...

Aww it did took me awhile to finally decide on one that matched me the best! I have so many of their foundation samples by now haha... and yes, blushes!! I have a lot of their samples and 2 full size... ^^ I hope you find your match soon! I actually did break them down to groups and tried them out in different lighting etc , if you need any help just ask away!

Sagu said...

...lol, that was a stupid typo there, I meant to say that I CAN'T find a match :D I've been familiar with EDM for over one year now, and there just isn't a base color for me. My skin tone is fairly light with golden undertones. Golden Fair is too pale, Fawn is too yellow, and Golden Light is way too dark. D:

I have Waffle Cone blush in full size, I love it! I'm thinking of getting Tea Time and All Smiles too.

DANA said...

Oh my! Have you tried contacting them about it? (That's if you really want to find your shade) Or have you tried mixing? I think if Golden Fair is too pale, you can use Bronzer or darker shade to balance it out... That's what I did the first time but over time I started to like 1 shade the best out of the rest hehehe...

Oh oh I have Waffle Cone too, but in sample size. And I love it! Maybe someday I'll get the full size, if I ever get around to finishing the sample sizes hahaha All Smiles is quite a sweet colour I have it in sample size haha... I'm loving Swimming Pool as contour and Come What May as blush lately =]

LilliChantilly said...

I can't believe how expensive everything is in Australia! But I'm glad you like Blooming Lovely, I love it too <3