April 1, 2010

March Favourites

It's the end of March and is now beginning of April and Autumn is hereeee ..... ^^ and I shall do my favourites for the month of March and here they are: (I realise majority of these were bought when I was in Singapore... items 1, 2, 5, 7, 8)

1/ Hourglass No. 2 (Foundation/Blush) Brush or just Hourglass brushes

2nd from left. It's the most expensive brush I own, but I don't regret buying it. It has so far made my foundation application so much easier and faster to apply. Metal-handled and synthetic bristles that are super soft and firm but super easy to use as compared to the common foundation brush such as MAC 109. This lets you dab dab, blend, and swirl and blend all in one go! I'm in love with this brush.

2/ Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup Oil Free SPF 15

I have combination-oily skin and with this, it just looks natural on me, coverage is great (medium buildable) and it just leaves such a natural finish that blurs out imperfections. Not a matte foundation, just keep that in mind for those matte-lovers. A little goes a long way with this foundation, you don't even need a full 1 pump, and if you use that much it'll be quite too much. So this sure will last me quite a while!

Check out its rating at makeupalley.com HERE
I had no idea about this foundation before I purchased it so considering I didn't research on it before hand and actually loved it says enough.

3/ Everyday Minerals Blush in Swimming Pool

This has worked as contour/blush and I just really like its finish on me... gives me a more defined cheekbone =]

4/ Everyday Minerals Intensive Medium Concealer

This covers anything, from my undereye dark circles, redness, blemishes, all nicely covered and not cakey and lasts a whole day on me. I like it very very much.

5/ Palgantong dodo Kamayaki Cheek (Face Colour) in #01 Honeymoon Pink

This is my first ever product from Palgantong dodo Japan, and first ever product that I use for highlighter. The result is just the right glow I've been searching for, "glowing from within" flush. Next time I go back to Singapore I think I'll definitely get the other colours, they are great as blushes (with in built highlighters, hehehe). It's like marble, baked, and no glitter chunks, doesn't make you look like disco ball. The packaging is real lovely too, it has mirror and brush, so if you want you can actually tote this around in your bag, but I leave mine at home, worry it'll get crushed or cracked. Anyway, I've been wearing this almost everyday (on cheekbones, nose bridge, chin, inner corner of eyes, yeah everywhere hahaha) and I haven't left a dent on the dome! Awesome!

6/ Lush Big Shampoo

Now, I never thought in a million years that I would be such a convert... such a Lush fan. But but but, I can't help but see the difference. Their products (not all, of course) work! for me at least! And this Big Shampoo is no exception! It smells great, reminds me of Bali and holiday at the beach and sipping coconut drink at the swimming pool watching the ocean and the waves crashing. Hahaha, quite a vision just from a scent, doesn't it... Well, this shampoo leaves my hair feeling 'clean, light, not greasy, smooth, silky, soft, flowing, smells so nice' hahaha... Love it. Oh and the little grains of sea salt and how foamy it gets ... makes it even more enjoyable hahaha... To use this you need lots and lots of water in your hair and take a fingerful glob from the tub and yeah! I can just wash my hair once with this, no conditioner (I've tried) and it's great! First shampoo to do such 3 in 1 for me!

7/ The Face Shop Color Nuance for Cheek in OR203 (Shine)

In love with this, very smooth, pigmented, nice colour, and I really like the packaging, actually... hehehe... Got it in Singapore and for the price? It's awesome! Hehehe... nice for everyday blush, everyday, anytime. No chunky glitters but not too matte either. It's lively, brightens up my complexion if I could say so hehe....

8/ Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+ PA+++

Great price for such nice product. Doesn't leave white marks or white ghostly cast on my face. Blends in effortlessly, nice texture, been using it almost everyday since I got it from Singapore.

I think I shall round it up here. There are actually some lip products I thought of putting it here but I think I'll give them more uses until they come up to my favourite list, hopefully for this April month! ^^

Anyway, look out for upcoming giveaway ... I'm still debating and choosing what to give for you girls!!!! Any idea just throw it in the comment below , ok =]

For those in the southern hemisphere, have a great Autumn day!! For those up north, have a great Spring day!! Stay dehydrated! hehehe...

Oh and starting from now I will end every post with a quote.

"I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent." - M. Gandhi


r u s s said...

NICE! I love the brushes and most especially the cheek color from Face Shop ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

DANA said...

russ! thank you for commenting on my blogs! yeah i'm in love with these... sadly i can only get them overseas, both of them aren't available where i currently live. lol!

Twirl me round(: said...

omg i think i'm your 50 follower! :D hehes <3

Hope you had fun in singapore! I'm from singapore but i'm living in brisbaneee (:

DANA said...

oh my! you ARE my 50th follower!! hahaha and yes i had so much fun in singapore i miss it so much i can't wait to go back. see, i used to live in singapore. and hey! fellow brisbanite! ^^ happy to meet you!

Twirl me round(: said...

haha oooh when are you going to go back again?!(: Yessss we should totally meet up in brissy! Would be so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

what shade are you in the hourglass foundation? its pricy at sephora..but i'm willing to check it out :) Thanks.