April 4, 2010

A Piece Of Me... April 2010

How fast has time flown? It's already April in the year 2010! It's Easter, it's the midsem break, midsem exams coming up soon, it's Autumn here... but it's Spring in Japan and Cherry Blossoms... aah... and it's a Sunday and it's time for A Piece of Me!! a game that Shirley the Toothfairy started ^^ Check it out HERE

So for this month!!

I like.....
that this is my birthday month. That it's Autumn... and Asian food. Butter rice... chicken broth... and choki-choki. Do you know what "choki choki" is? It's chocolate paste, in a tube. hehehe... squeeze it and eat! Yum yum yum!
I don't like.....
exams during my birthday week... or just exams in general.

I want you to know.....
that the past cannot be undone and the present and the future are the ones we should be thinking of... We learn from mistakes and we can always look ahead and move forward.

I've planned.....
to save enough to go travelling again middle of the year and end of the year. I've come to really miss travelling and exploring... To see the world...
I want to say to someone special.....
my sisters!!! Love youuuuuuuuuuu..... ^^
and my puppy, Rama, loveee youuu toooo... no matter how naughty you get!

Like the game!? Join!
It only takes ONCE a Month! (First Sunday of the month)

Jump to it HERE

Oh, one last thing, quote... :

"Patience is bitter; its fruit is sweet..."
(an old saying I've been holding on to for a long time)

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r u s s said...

Traveling is <3
It's also something that I wanna do for the rest of my life. Goodluck! Who knows, we might even bump into each other in one of our trips.