April 7, 2010

Review - Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

"Now, there's no such thing as bad lighting." so that's what Revlon Photoready claims... Be it indoor, outdoor, at night, in the office, everywhere, you would get poreless, airbrushed skin. Oh, really, now? Poreless? I go 'wah wah & gazes' at anything that resonates 'poreless', but to be honest I didn't place a high expectation on this foundation. Maybe because I don't actually own any Revlon foundation, which many people seem to rave about. Foundations are so individual, that the same colour may look gorgeous on one girl and look cakey and horrendous on another girl. And when I received a sample of this... I thought I give it a try. Was skeptical about the colour at first, since I could not choose the shade, I have it in 05 Natural Beige

Squeezed some out on to the back of my hand, I went "eek!" hope this isn't too dark on me or I'd look like I've got fake tan in the middle of autumn hahaha... Oh and I was surprised at how shimmery it was on my hand! Well, this is not meant to be a MATTE foundation, ok... Just warning those who loves Matte foundations...

I used my Hourglass No. 2 Brush and applied. Dab, dab, swirl, swirl, blend, blend...
and result turned out... not too bad... it blended well, I had to apply some on my neck to balance it out, the colour indeed was a tad too dark, looked like I have a tan, but as long as it didn't look orange or fake on me, can already. It'd do.

A bit about my skin:
- Oily T (forehead, chin, around nose)
- Combination (the rest of face such as chin and cheeks change depending on conditions)

- medium buildable coverage (good coverage)
- SPF 20 !! (now, now, you know how I am with sun protection, this is great! most of other foundations only have SPF5-15)
- smooth finish (my friend commented on how smooth my face looks and I was wearing this!)
- natural glow (wow, yeah, natural glow for an greaseball like me? That's quite something... but I like it)
- doesn't just magically unexplainably disappear out to thin air
- runny texture makes it easier to apply and blend
- comes in a pump (I'm considering getting one for everyday use and leave my high end Hourglass for more special occasions... hmmm should I? BUT!! see below why)


- feels slightly thick on my skin (I'm worried if I wear this on daily basis it might give me break outs? My face skin is quite sensitive in that way, and it has been quite a hurdle to get my clear skin and to maintain it, so I'm worried whether this would break me out... )
- takes awhile to settle on to skin, so you don't want to race out straight after application (I mean, it's not too bad, if you know it'll settle, but I have a feeling this might not always work on everyone... so it would look cakey on some, I'm guessing)
- I'll get back to you if there's any further changes as I've only recently tried this but couldn't wait to do the review hahaha...

Anddddd here is the look (I hope you can see what I mean by dewyness and smoothness... )
driving with Rama to and from the beach hehehe...

By the way, I made a blog just on "want's" hahaha... it's http://iiiwannn.blogspot.com/ -


abby said...

i think the revlon photoready foundation is a nice cheap dupe for the mac foundations. i like it, but it actually has a dewy smell that i dislike, but other than that i'd have to say the coverage is pretty great.

M.A.C.nunu said...

Really? haha but then again I've been using Angels for so long that I probably don't notice the smell anymore xD
I wonder how this Photofinish compares to the Colour Stay? I've been so curious to try it and it looks like it has a big enough range of colours for me to find a match!
I donno about the glow part tho haha I normally prefer my foundation to be matte xD
Great to hear from you again!