April 12, 2010

MAC Technique Sessions

For those familiar with MAC, there are once-a-monthly technique session where the MAC makeup artists would show and "teach" you on "how-to"s such as "how to do eye makeup" or "bridal makeup" etc. Now Brisbane is quite limited in terms of MAC store locations. In the city itself, there are 2 in the central, 1 at northern suburb, and 2 far down south of Queensland (Gold Coast area). So in total there are 5 stores across the state, all in department stores namely Myer and David Jones. Not even all the Myer or David Jones stock them. Only Myer Chermside, Myer Brisbane City, Myer Pacific Fair, David Jones QueensPlaza (QP) and David Jones Robina.

Anyway, I've been debating whether to go to one of these technique sessions just to further my knowledge and to better my makeup application. I have found out that they do this once a month. Okay... that's okay... And it's different "topic" each time, so it caters all kinds of enquiries. I know I have (different queries that is).

So I'm checking out these MAC stores, and I have found out something quite intriguing. MAC QP is having issues that means they did not have a Technique session either last month or this month, and hopefully they will have one next month. Apparently, it is still under negotiation and meetings are taking place discussing the matter. I mean, wow! For David Jones and MAC to have such problems... for such big brands/companies... that's tricky...

Anyway, putting that aside, here are some of the current sessions or upcoming sessions that might be worth considering going to (depending on your needs and whether you are thinking of purchasing some MAC products worth AUD$120):

All sessions are held on Wednesday 5-7pm.

MAC Myer Brisbane (07 3232 0165)
April 14th - Advanced - This touches on those who are already quite good with their basic makeup application and would like to advance to the next level and brush up on other applications such as liquid liners, false eyelashes, etc.

May 19th - Natural - This is all about looking natural. I have asked what if I were to ask about blush and contouring etc, she said yes it'd be ok, as this is all about the face and natural makeup.

MAC Myer Chermside (07 3632 5132)
*Always on last week of the month
April 28th - Complexion Perfection - This is similar to Natural makeup but it focuses more on perfecting your complexion. Areas such as powder, foundation, blush, contouring all will be touched upon.

May 26th - Smokey Eyes - Need not further explanation, does it?

June 30th - Bridal

Price: AUD$120 (Must be paid prior to session night to secure your booking. Redeemable on products purchased on the night)

I hope this has helped any of youse who are thinking of going to one... whether it is to learn how to apply foundation properly, or how to use the tools of the trade the correct way, or smokey eyes, there's a session just for you.

Me? I'm thinking of Natural or Complexion Perfection...

PS: Liberty of London LE Collection is out in Brisbane today. I love love love Blooming Lovely lipstick, and that's the only item from this collection I fell in love with.

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Beauty Poofs! said...

hey hun! :) I think the price is AUD150! I went for 1 of the sess last month! :) hehes i'm going for the natural sess too i think! if i do see you there? :D