July 2, 2013

Battling the Winter Skin Woes with Simplicite Skincare

I have battled dehydrated and fickle skin all of my entire life here in Australia. I would go from super oily shiny disco ball in the summer, to a wrinkly peeling dried fruit in winter. Great. Not.

Factors that may cause this dryness

    • air con at work places or at home, even at shopping malls
    • strong cold wind in winter
    • indoor heaters
    • dry weather overall with very low humidity

Until 3/4 of last year. That was when I changed my entire skincare routine and boy, that was the best decision I have ever made in terms of what is best for my skin. And keeping it that way!

To be honest, I love that I don’t need to do two separate routines for different seasons, like how I used to. Simply because I thought I had to! Not anymore! *Squeal in delight*

Enters Simplicite – if you have been a follower of my blog or been stalking me anywhere else in the social media, you would have heard me talked about it over and over again. I’m a total fan.

Here’s a look at what’s been saving my skin this winter and the next lifetime of winter to come :) *big grin*



Rosemary Blemish Gel

My saviour of any rosacea flare ups or itchyness or redness or acne or blemishes that may occur any time of the year. It soothes. No stinging or dryness experienced, unlike some other acne/blemish gels. Lasted me almost a whole year even with generous uses. You generally only need a pin size amount, but may need more for larger areas. Rough indication: Bought mine in October last year (2012), and I’m still not done with the first bottle. Tip: I have used this to deal with back acne – cleared!

AU$28.80 – 20g

Lemon Night Creme

Night time pamper. Total bliss. Especially when applied after the Sage Oil. My face feels smooth and plump the morning after right from the very first time I used it until now, more than 6 months later. It helps to brighten and improves uneven skin tones. It is hydrating without compromise. Smells of lemons. Fresh!
Rough indication: Bought mine in December last year (2012) and just about to finish it this week. Tip: Massage the product with your fingertips prior to applying onto your face, then gently massage in circular and upwards motion.

AU$51.90 – 55g

Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion

Aka their toner. This green one is targeted towards combination/oily/breakout/teenage skins but I find that it can be used for all skin types. My skin is not of teenage/breakout/oily type, yet I love this. Infused with fresh flower extracts and herbs, it assists in hydrating and toning. I use this in conjunction of the Sage Face Oil. I always spritz this and never waste a cotton pad. Free of alcohol, this does not sting or dry up your skin’s natural moisture. It contains Angelica, Thyme, Daisy, Lavender, fresh Rose petals, fresh Aloe Vera juice, Witch Hazel (fresh whole herb), Chamomile, Cornsilk, Olive Leaf, and Peppermint. Tip: Spritz all over the face and body for an extra refreshing boost during any time of the day. Spritz a little near the nape of your neck for a natural perfume :)

AU$56.50 – 250ml
AU$35.20 – 125ml

Sage Face Oil

I used to always stay away from anything that says ‘oil’, never once I thought I would crave for it more and more like I do with this face oil. This has saved my face. Seriously. This goes really deep into the skin, rehydrates and helps with the overall condition of the skin. It is antibacterial and has helped a lot with any peeling due to dehydration or runny nose. Use this in conjunction with the Toning Lotion. Tip: This is amazing for facial massage.

AU$41.80 – 55ml



1/ First, spritz some Toning Lotion onto the palm of your hand


2/ 1 pump of the Face Oil onto the same palm with the Toning Lotion


3/ Rub hands together to emulsify the oil, now you can pat and massage it onto your face, neck, decolletage etc.

One Step Exfoliating Cleanser

Best exfoliating cleanser in my opinion. It does not irritate nor does it break me out. It cleanses and clears out my pores. I use this in conjunction with the Gentle Plant Cleansers – reviewed HERE. Initial use is every third day for first couple of weeks. You can increase it to more times in a week if you please. I can even use this every day and my skin just feels smooth after every cleanse. It helps in reducing breakouts, too. The microfine cinnamon particles helps in refining the skin. Contains pure water, cinnamon, almond extract, cocobetaine (from coconut), avocado extract, coleseed extract, cocos nucifera glycerides (palm extract), fresh herbal extracts of violet leaf, thyme, birch leaf, witch hazel, rosemary, grapefruit, lavender, lemongrass, hydantoin (0.02%). Rough indication: I have had mine since October last year and still going through the bottle with consistent use of at least more than once a week. At times, more. Tip: Use it on specific areas of the body to exfoliate. You can leave it on for few minutes before rinsing, while in shower.

AU$46.90 – 125ml

Exfoliating Face Treatment 

Review already published http://blushfully.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/simplicite-experience-exfoliating-face.html

Rough indication: I have had mine since October last year (2012) and still have some to go through. I just love how far their products go, they sure do go a long way.

AU$41.40 – 100g

Angelica Lip Care Balm

Review already published http://blushfully.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/my-lips-but-better-with-simplicite.html and it has helped my lips ever since.

AU$31.00 – 20g

Rosehip & Lavender Complexion Refiner

Aptly named ‘complexion refiner’, this sure does refined the complexion. I love using this as a home facial treatment. I love that this reduces congestion and can be used even on sensitive skins. Once the mask dries, you can simply ‘rub’ it ‘off’. Or what I like to do is use a damp Kojac sponge to remove the mask. Can be used 2-3 times a week, but I just use this once a week. Please don’t rub so hard, hence why I love using the sponge. The product itself is creamy and just goodness in a jar. I love doing this treatment a day before or on the day of a special function or event. It brightens the complexion and can be used first, then followed by the Exfoliating Face Treatment for that thorough ‘me’ time. Contains pumpkin seed, hazelnut, wheatgerm, cedarwood, rosehip (fresh whole herb), rosehip oil, carrot, clivers, heartsease, marjoram, lavender, patchouli and rose geranium. Rough indication: This will last you over a year, well it is for me, because I don’t use it as often as the other products. Tip: I’ve mentioned it, use Kojac sponge to remove mask once it’s dry.

$51.90 - 100g


Hope that has been informative. Feel free to ask me anything in regards to the brand or skincare matters if I have not already covered it. No I am not paid for reviewing this, I just genuinely love the range and it works for me.


All products mentioned available at Myer, selected spa (see stockists) and online




Disclaimer: All products were purchased with my own funds for personal use. Only the Exfoliating Face Treatment and the Rosehip & Lavender Complexion Refiner were kindly provided for review consideration. This is not a sponsored post.


Adeline_Er said...

Great & detailed review, Dana! Looks like I gotta check this out sometime if my current routine doesn't work!!

Dana K said...

Totally!! They have a travel/trial pack size that's reasonable to get a first experience with the range, should look into that! I definitely love the Blemish Gel! =)