July 12, 2013

Favourites: Facial Finishing Sprays


Throughout the years ever since I came to know of facial sprays, I’ve always loved MAC Fix+ and have come back to it again and again. That won’t change. Just so you know.

In the recent years however, there are other new ones in the market that I was fortunate to be introduced to. Comes in Uriage Eau Thermale D’Uriage and Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray.

They are each to their own, and I am showcasing them all just to share with you that there are different ones out there depending on what you are after.
In the case that you really need help in keeping your makeup last whole day and that much longer – go for …
Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray (by Skindinavia)

This was made solely for that purpose, as it is oil-free and garnered towards all skin types. It is not sticky and it is lightweight. This washes off easily and is quite cooling. Read more about it HERE.

AU$25.00 – 59ml 2 fl. oz.

Available online


If you are feeling dehydrated, work in a fully aircon place the whole day, or need that extra boost of hydration, go for…

Uriage Eau Thermale D’Uriage – Thermal Water

Suitable for everybody, including babies, children and adults, this thermal water is sourced from France, bottled in this pressurised container and now everyone can enjoy a sprinkle of the soothing water anytime anywhere. Hydrating the skin without having to remove your makeup, the water goes right through the skin barrier. It does not just sit there on top, unlike some other kinds of thermal water in the market, not to name any. No need to pat dry. Read more about it HERE.

AU$26.95 – 300ml

Available at selected Terry White stores, Adore Beauty, or check the nearest stockists HERE.


This one needs no introduction, or does it? MAC Fix+ has been around for even longer than I started loving makeup. I never really knew what it was for until I tried it myself. It ‘fixes’ as it is aptly named. I feel that my makeup subtly blurs itself and powder just blends more seamlessly when I spritz this after I finish applying my face makeup. Sometimes powder may look too powdery, and this fixes that. You can use this to spritz onto your brush and use an eyeshadow wet. Or wet your face brush and apply your foundation with a damp brush. I’ll always spritz this first, then for that extra longevity, use the finishing/setting spray after. But Fix+ first.

AU$27.00 – 100ml

Available at your local MAC stores and website.


There you have it. My picks of the bunch for facial finishing sprays. What’s your favourite? Have you tried any of these?


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Yoannita L said...

i never tried any of those , but i have my fave is Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix! nice review ;)