July 8, 2013

Mani Monday: Australis “Acid Rain”


The Australian brand, Australis, has totally improved their quality of the nail polishes over the years and this has quickly climbed up the ladder as one of my favourite shade to wear on my nails. Just take a look at it. It’s vibrant and that pop of colour is sometimes all you need to jazz up whatever it is you are wearing that day.




TheHappySloths said...

Love this color, I like how it has a bit of lime green in it!

Dana K said...

^_^ oh! didn't know you stop by my blog! hehehe thank you for stopping by!
and yessssshhh, it's such a shade, at first i thought i might have been dreaming for it have a tinge of lime green, but now i know it's not just me thinking that! hehe