July 23, 2013

Stepping Stones


I thought I wouldn’t be where I am now. That’s what I assumed, many years back, I suppose when I first entered university. Little did I know I would find my peace at the least expected places, and I would find chaos at some others.

Digging up your own dirt may sound terrible. Although, if you think of it, you do need to dig it out first to plant new seeds, no? Somewhere along the way I became more and more aware. I realise things aren’t always as they seem, and to look out for signs. To see where needs to be seen, to care when needs care. You could say I was being too nice about everything and I got trampled on at the end of the day while others triumphed.

The dirt I was digging, gave me that step towards the changes I wanted in my own life. Not because I was dictated to, but because I want to, for my own good. For my own inner peace, that bliss that makes you just smile on your own with no one around people think you’re mad, happy. Well, I don’t care. I search for that peace, I decide on the lifestyle change.

Happiness is a way of living.



And most times than not, you gotta remind yourself to “CTFD” – Calm the F* Down.

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