July 19, 2013

Favourites: Lush Powders and a Hair Mist


The Greench deodorant powder

Initially I was kicking myself why I got this – but its effectiveness totally kicks ass!
Some of its ingredients: thyme oil, tea tree oil, sage, rosemary

You can just imagine how herbal-ly this smells, however the scent grew on me! I also love that this bottle last me for ages. More than 6 months so far and I am still finishing it.

To use: Sprinkle some onto the palm and dust under armpits (and anywhere you fancy)

AU$10.95 (75g)

Vanilla Puff dusting powder

I have used this for a long time, when it was even still in its medieval form of a black tin with holes at the top for an opening. Then somewhat I took a break from it, and now that I have it again, I don’t want to go without it, ever again. I personally like body powders, and this just disappears smoothly on the skin, leaving a nice gentle scent of vanilla without overpowering or sickening. At least, to me it doesn’t.

I also love using body lotion or body oil and sprinkle this over the top so it instantly leaves a silky smooth, non-greasy finish touch to the skin.

Probably will last me 3/4 of the whole year. I have had mine since February and nowhere near halfway through. To use: same as other powders, sprinkle some onto the palm and dust wherever.

AU$10.95 (50g)

No Drought dry shampoo

Some dry shampoos feel sticky, icky, and worse, weigh my hair down. This does not! Yippee! Fyi, my hair is a combination type. Easily greasy on the scalp/base, and normal to drier towards the end. Not frizzy, not curly, just naturally straight and flat. Some days I just want that second-day-hair, the bottom ends would be alright, the top would be… ew. No Drought to the rescue!

Smells faintly of grapefruit and citrus/lime, I find this really pleasant and nice to use. It does not leave a weird grey streaks either. I like to use this: rub it around my hair roots then do a quick whoosh with the blow dryer. My favourite dry shampoo, so far, and it lasts for ages, and I won’t have to worry about it being “flammable” like most other dry shampoos.

AU$13.50 (115g)

Sea Spray hair mist

Quite a surprise this one! I was not expecting much at all when I first laid eyes on this. Sea salt spray usually gets sticky and wet, just salty feeling that does not sit well with me. Surprise, surprise! This, I like! In conjunction to using the dry shampoo for a second-day-hair, I like spritzing a bit of this and scrunch my hair to give it a bit more volume and oomph. If not, lifeless my hair tends to be!

Use sparingly, you don’t want to drench your hair with it. Spritz and scrunch.
I find that it gives a medium hold. I also love that I can reapply this later on in the day.

AU$12.50 (100g)



Disclaimer: All products were purchased for personal uses with own funds. No affiliation or sponsorship involved.


Fenny (Ladies-homejournal) said...

Looks so good products Dana...
Hmmm thinking want to try it as well now hahaha

Dana K said...

Hehehe ^_^ i like them!