January 18, 2013

shu uemura SS13 Collection: Blossom Dream & Unmasked

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For this Blossom Dream collection, shu uemura brings lots of colours. Think of a flower garden, a dreamy one up in the clouds, a colourful dream with rainbows and unicorns – don’t you just love my imagination?

I’ve always heard how amazing shu uemura products are. People raved about it. You know, the cleansing oil, the mousse UV base, their hard eyebrow pencil, gel eyeliner, and of course the cult favourite the eyelash curler. However I guess I’m a little late in the shu uemura bandwagon, for all these years I only have the eyelash curler. Until… the Karl Lagerfeld collection (Holiday 2012) hit me, smacked me and I’m sold. More on that another time. Now is the time for their Spring/Summer 2013 limited edition collection aptly named “Blossom Dream”. The makeup is by Yuji Asano, shu uemura’s international chief makeup artist.


Image credit: shu uemura blog

The collection contains 22 products of different shades of orange and pinks. Take your pick. To give you an idea of how much they cost…

Unmask Eyeshadows Palette: Pink, Green, Blue – AUD$88, SGD$98, USD$65

Drawing Pencil: Pearly White, Pearly Gold – AUD$38, USD$21

Gloss Unlimited (lip glosses): AT 10G, AT 20G, PK 10G, CR 20S, PK 40G – AUD$38, USD$23

Rouge Unlimited (glossy moisturising lipstick): Bright Orange, Dark Beige – AUD$39, USD$30, SGD$33

Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte (matte lipsticks): Bright Pink, Light Beige – AUD$39, USD$30, SGD$33

False eyelashes: Rainbow feather S – AUD$25, USD$25

False eyelashes: Rainbow feather L – AUD$35, USD$30

Glow On Blush (refill): (see colours below) – AUD$35, USD$18, SGD$33

Fullscreen capture 16012013 53840 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 16012013 53849 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 16012013 53835 PM.bmp


Fullscreen capture 16012013 53827 PM.bmp

How wearable are the shades! despite it being all floral and colourful and y’know, when I think of colour I think of runway, editorial looks that are not wearable in real life. I am pleasantly surprised that this collection is not that. Yes sure you can wear them as such if you like, but on a day to day basis, the blushes, lipsticks, lip glosses range are spot on. Out of the three eyeshadow palettes however, I find that only the Pink would be a day-to-day wearable type of shades rather than the other two – the green, the blue, the stark yellow and the baby blue. Unless of course you do wear those hues normally, but I don’t.

Amongst the blushes, I totally love 4 out of the 5! I am “blushfully” after all. Ha. Ha. Bad. Joke.
Soft Orange, Soft Coral, Vivid Orange and Soft Pink are worth the purchase if you don’t already have similar shades. Unfortunately I already do have very similar shades so I think… I think… I might skip. But who knows I’ll change my mind later on?! Gah! Wish I could just buy them all, fantastic four. Hah.

Along with the color make up, shu uemura has also included their best selling product – the cleansing oil – in limited edition bottles designed by Tsuyoshi Hirano. You really must check out Hirano’s website. Gosh, it’s magical!

The cleansing oil claims to help remove all make up products and impurities, including foundation, lipstick, waterproof make up, dead skin cells and even excess sebum (oil overproduction). They say that the cleansing oil is smooth on skin like an expert’s touch. More on the cleansing oil in future blog post. I’d say this cleansing oil might as well worth its own story. Another time, then, I’d say.


Picking up anything from the collection?

My picks would depend on what you already have. If you have just pink blushes, then go for the Orange shades and try which one out of the two suits your skin tone best. If you have just coral/peach/apricot blushes, then you can’t go wrong with the soft pink blush this collection offers. Same goes with the lipstick. For neither of these products actually are packaged with the design imprinted. For the eyes, my vote goes to the Pink palette. The pink may seem scary but apply it with the browns, use it as a blending shade, shu uemura would not have just put the pink there for no reason. In terms of lashes, gee aren’t they fun! But will I wear them? Most likely not. Only if there is an actual party with theme “Rainbow” or “Fairies” or you know, something magical like that. Fluffy rainbow unicorns!! K, right, ‘nuff about the rainbow unicorns, dana.


Available now at shu uemura counters exclusively at David Jones, Australia
Also available at the shu uemura USA website. It should also be available at your shu uemura counter now.

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Sabrina said...

These shades look so beautiful and like you said - totally wearable! I'm heading to the US soon so I'll keep an eye out for this ;)