January 28, 2013

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense–98 Coromandel

Rarely do I fall into the rabbit hole of luxury lipsticks. Yet, I just did. I so, did. I fell so hard. I bought myself my very first Chanel lipstick.

20130128_111919 - Copy

Its simple packaging calls out to me. It’s alluring and sophisticatedly sexy, somewhat. It’s not over the top, it speaks for itself. My kind of thing.

While at the counter, I swatched Coromandel first on my hand, followed by another ten or so other Rouge Allure. I could not get over it, I kept staring at it. I knew I had to try it on my lips. As soon as I saw the colour on my lips I just had to have it. It is brightening, refined and as aforementioned, alluring and sophisticatedly sexy.

20130128_112046 - Copy

Coromandel – in geography – is also known as Coromandel Coast of India. However I believe this was not the reason why Chanel named this lipstick so. Coco Chanel was an avid collector of Chinese folding screens, especially the Coromandel screens. The folding screens were originally made in China, dating back to the Ming Dynasty in the 1300-1600s, and shipped out to Europe.

Guess where the main trading station was at? Coromandel Coast of India.

I myself love folding screens, I grew up with them. So it just excites me even more whenever I’m wearing this lipstick. I know, weird like that. I have a little fascination with names on things and what the meaning behind them.


Photo credit: InvitingHome.com


Photo credit: Luxury World

How intricate are these! So beautiful!

Back to the lipstick

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What I like about it

    • smooth, glides with no tugging
    • lasts for few hours at least! it actually stains and sticks onto your lips
    • does not feel heavy or sticky, feels like your own lips
    • vibrant pigmentation
    • love it so much, really
    • sturdy packaging that has a weight to it, I like the weight feel
    • a lipstick that I can wear now and I can still wear 20 years later – oh yes, Chanel, you does this to my way of thinking
    • no yucky sweet bubblegum smell (I utterly despise!)

What I might not like about it

    • costs AUD$50 here in Australia

Will I repurchase?

YES! In the other shades too, perhaps, but for now, this is my ultimate red lipstick!