January 11, 2013

Nonna’s Cuisine @ Harbourtown, Gold Coast


Nonna’s Seafood | Nonna’s Italian Cuisine | Nonna’s Steakhouse

Take your pick out of these three – sure will hit the spot when you are hungry after a day of shopping at no other than Harbourtown, Gold Coast.

We were there right during the peak lunch hour. The waitress told us that we could sit anywhere we like and order from any of the three. Great!


And shall I now present…

The Food?


“Cheesy Fries”

Alright I have to admit – this was a let down.

The fries/chips were soggy due to the melted cheese. Worse was that they all got stuck together and you could not pick at them one by one but literally then had to use the fork to eat them. Not. Fun. :/

The taste was rather cheesy but bland, just salty I suppose. Nothing special.

Not buying again.

But, wait! Don’t go away yet! You have not heard about the other dishes…


“The Salt & Pepper Calamari Salad”


Oh yes this was the salad. Served on a hot crispy tortilla! Yum!

This is also – you’ve been warned – HUGE! This is a salad to share.


The other side of the salada so you can see the huge piece chunk of feta cheese hiding underneath all that carrot and beetroot julienne.

Yep there’s also pine nuts, olives, rockets, avocadoes…


“The Steak with Mushroom Sauce”

Not bad. Not bad at all.

The chips? Meh, nothing great.

The side coleslaw? Yeah, was alright too, not too bad.


But you wanna know what one dish I would come back for?



“Seafood Chowder served in uhm… bread”

It was just so tasty. It was. Nyumm Nyyuumm Nyyyuumm…

Then I would start digging to eat the bread with the soup and gosh it was just tasty. Perhaps I was just needing and craving for something like this. It hit the spot. Yep, right. there.


Is seafood chowder an English / Italian / American / Australian thing?

Wikipedia says it originates from the US of A! Oh my, definitely will have to try the chowder when I travel to USA someday!

Now you know, I like seafood chowder.

I dislike soggy batter, soggy fries, soggy chips. Just don’t bother.


This post is simply to share my experiences, where I’ve been. ^_^

And no I did not order all these for myself, I was with family.


Tell me, perhaps you hate seafood chowder and love cheesy soggy fries?! Hehe

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