January 31, 2013

Why 217

The 217 has been one of several numbers I like... ever since I was in high school. It's a combination of numbers 21 and 7. I remember having to pick 3 numbers, for an anonymous marking session during a Physics class after a test. I picked the number 217. Who would've thought, that exact number would come up to me again after all these years... in a form of... a MAC brush.

Just yesterday, a new video in my YouTube subscriptions list popped up. Wayne from gossmakeupartist here illustrates 10 ways you can use the brush 217. What?! A coincidence, you may think? Perhaps it is a sign. For me to just get it! 

So let me just share the video with you all. We all can learn a thing or two :)

Next brush to purchase... MAC 217 it is, then!

What is in your 'brush-to-buy-next' list? I'd like to know!


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