November 5, 2012

Updating life…

s3-51112 564

Skirt from TEMT – love it!

s3-51112 682

Sunnies from Forever New – love it!
And yes, how my bangs has grown!

s3-51112 1328

Finally found this Konjac face sponge – been wanting to try it!
It came in different colours but green was no doubt the winner =)

s3-51112 1329

Got myself some bathroom essentials. Nope, I didn’t have these before. They were on sale too! Yay!
That little brush was marked down to only 95cents. Go figure if I didn’t take the advantage =)

s3-51112 1244

Love this heels – but didn’t like the price, so I didn’t get it, just tried it in store and I really like how it looks with my golden yellow toenails

s3-51112 1209

Comfy wear I wore the other day

s3-51112 1285

New things that came home with me this week. It’s been a long long while…
Both from Forever New

s3-51112 1287

Sushi! Sashimi! Oishhhiiii~!!

s3-51112 1206

New favourite – Campos cappuccino

s3-51112 1197

A big pimple appeared on my forehead 3 days ago.
What do I do with it? Stay tune for next post =)

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