November 4, 2012


Life’s been pretty… crazy weird lately. When you start seeing Jacarandas, it means exams time. It sure is! With my first exam paper today, this afternoon, after 1 large + 1 regular Campos cappuccino I was buzzing the whole day.

The flu, the monthly’s and the gastric pain all hitting me in one go this week – nope, didn’t go well hand in hand with the preparation of exam and trying to do the exam with one arm putting pressure on my stomach either.

Putting that aside, it’s a quarter to midnight and I am still awake. Woohoo! Time to blog for the first time in you-know-how-long-but-please-be-patient-with-me…

I guess I would just update you with some Instagram shots. If you haven’t followed me… I update there almost daily and with bursts of little insight to what I have been loving or what I have been up to! Much more instant than blogging! Hah!


I got myself a decorative pillow – I fell in ‘love’ with it when I first saw it!!
From –Typo


Spring is here in Australia – it means Jacaranda trees are in full bloom as seen here. Taken at my university.


A little snippet of Brisbane city :)


The flower – Amaryllis


Loving Simplicite skincare


Loving the new Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld collection – especially this lipstick in Mon Shu Red


Kiehl’s is finally open in Myer Brisbane City
It has always been just at David Jones Queens Plaza (Brisbane City) but now you can also find Kiehl’s at Myer Carindale and Myer Brisbane!


Have you tried this multipurpose exfoliating face treatment? You can use it as an exfoliant, as a mask or as a spot treatment! 3 in 1 – wahhh laahh!!

I love using this, then use the Rosehip and Lavender Refiner Mask, then oh my God! Baby’s bottom soft skin! Just a wonderful at home facial to do – that now I just love doing and will maintain to at least once a week! *big grin*


Rama bubba is just… wow this picture looks like a painting for some reason…


Hoping to do more updates as the year is coming to an end… so fast!

Just about 8 weeks till New Year! OH MY GOSSSHHHHH!!!


Good luck to those sitting for exams.
Have fun to those enjoying their weekends because they have no more exams…

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