November 23, 2012

Becca 25% OFF this Monday Only!!


OMG! Look! Look! Look!

If you’re like me, and have always wanted to get your hands on some Becca products, this is the perfect time! Though, this is terrible, I’m broke… so I dunno if I would get anything… although, I could recommend you some… on what to get from the line:

- Radiance Primer
I’ve always been interested to try this primer! ‘nuff said. Haha, nah, I mean, it seems like a nice alternative to some of the more hyped up ones out there. It seems like it is better suited to the Australian scene, since Becca being an Australian brand, and its ideal lies in line with my ideals.

- Shimmering Skin Perfector
Lisa Eldridge has talked about it and now I really want it. It literally gives you that lit from within glow as though you have just had the best sleep, rest, spa, facials of your life. I think it is perfect to give you that extra boost on dull days as an instant perk me up. Available in a variety of shades including the latest one called Moonstone.

- Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation
This is an interesting one which got me fascinated right from the first time I tried it on. Pressed mineral? Not messy? Oh yes, please! Its range of shades is amazing too catering to light to even the darkest skin tone to give you that difused flawless look after using their foundation, or use this on your own as a more natural barely there no makeup look.

- Eye Tint
For those who want an easy slap on and blend eye product, this should be it. Comes in nude shades or a more glowy shades and even darker ones to give you that smokey effortless look. However, this product may separate at times, so it needs a little bit of shake before squeezing out. Same goes with their other tints such as the Beach Tint – lovely, but it might separate a little.

- New Radiance Liquid Foundation
Personally, I am interested. However I have not tried it yet. Sad.

- Eyeshadow palettes
They come up with gorgeous shades from time to time in their collections, that I believe would suit all kinds of skin tones.

Have you tried any Becca product? Will you be picking up anything from the sale? Which are your favourites? Any recommendation for those who are just branching out into the brand? Leave your comments below :)


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