November 8, 2012

In Just 8 Minutes

Perhaps I’m having my emotional moments where every kind of mushy romantic kinds of things move me, well, not really, I have been studying for my final exams. However, one short film, a very short one though it does not feel that short. One short film brought me to tears. Literally, especially towards the end.

I shall say no more and just share the video with you. Let it move you in its own special way. I am quite a reflective person who probably gaze at the sky a tad longer than I should have. The kind who would pen down words of thoughts when they come to me. This video, this video just bounced to me to be loved and to be shared.

For those who have found “the last” – think of how lucky you are and how amazing it is to be with that person. Cherish those moments.
For those who are unsure and going through the difficult times, don’t be despondent – life is about living and loving. Believe and keep going after your dreams, yet be open to opportunities and possibilities beyond your imagination.


Much love,


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