November 25, 2012

Smooth Feet with emjoi PediSmooth Plus


Hi Sunday! Exactly a month till Christmas! Say, whaaaaa’!?!

Perhaps you need a little Christmas gift idea ? Perhaps, perhaps :)

This portable device came unexpectedly and I was lucky to have received this – to try it out. So do I like it? I would be honest with you, I’m on the fence on this one. One hand says it’s a cool gadget and I really like it, another hand asks me if I would tell you to get it right now… and the answer lies… in… you’ll soon find out why…





All is well and you can even see from the above photos, that the sandpaper roll thing there can be popped out. There is that little eject button, press down, and it will eject the ‘cartridge’ aka sandpaper roll, as I like to call it.

Put it to test…


Excuse the gruesome image – but this is for review purpose and as you can see, there are cracks and dry patches that need mending. Hence where the trial for emjoi pedismooth plus comes along…


You tell me what you think – I think it’s alright and it does feel smooth but it is not something instant. You can still see the crackings but it does feel smoother and not rough at all. However my foot and heels do feel a lot softer after several uses.

One thing to watch out is that the shavings/sheddings can go everywhere if you don’t be careful, like this…


Actually in this photo you can see how much softer the side of my foot looks and feel…
(note: after several uses)


Comes with a pouch and a mini brush to clean it, this is definitely a cute and handy gadget to have if you have the spare cash. I find that this saves you from buying and repurchasing hard pumice stones. This would also give you a better polish of your rough foot and heels.

The red roll is gentler than the white one, although I find myself using the white one more often especially in rougher areas. Then perhaps after it has softened down then out comes the red to just smooth it a tad further.

I do use it now and I think it may be a good idea for a gift for someone who has everything.

Do you use pumice stone? Or perhaps you just go get pedicure at the salon and spas? I don’t, so this is actually very handy for me.



Disclaimer: The product was provided for review consideration with no obligations in writing a review whatsoever – hence this review is solely my own opinions on the product.

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