February 3, 2010

TAGged "Red"

First thing first, Tammy of Tummycake tagged me the colour RED, so here is my attempt for it. I didn't know what's the requirements or rules, but I tried my best to find any RED items I have. Somehow I find it quite difficult... I like the colour red, don't get me wrong, but I don't own a red eyeshadow, or red camera or red shoes...yet. LOL! but anyway here are some RED items I find in my room.

Red.. is the colour of this Country Road bag

The photo doesn't do it justice. It is more vibrant, and more glossy, more stunning IRL!

Red is the colour... of a Revlon nailpolish 680 Revlon Red
This was in one of those GWP packs, and I must say I really like it. It's not dull, and makes me smile. I don't wear it all the time, as I like to change often, but when I do wear it... ah, it shines! Hahaha

Red is the colour... of my Clarins Pure Curl Mascara in 01 (Black)
This is another non-waterproof mascara and I am pleased with it so far. It doesn't clump, and nice scent (none of those yucky chemical petrol-like whatever smell) and such a nice bottle, matte finish, satin feel. I got this quite cheap at AUD$15 from Amcal, Garden City. Bargain!!

Red is the colour of... my new face moisturiser SkinMD Shielding Lotion
Note: I was sent this item by the company to test and review. I've only used it a couple of times, hence it is not time yet for me to do a review on it. But please do wait a little longer until I can truly justify my opinions on it after many usage.

Red is the colour.... of my Dissecting Kit zip-up pouch

I know, this is so non-makeup, non-skincare product... but this has memories in those days when I had Anatomy pracs, doing dissection for educational purpose.

Hmm... so now I shall tag YELLOW ^^ to:
- Mona
- Shirley
- Em
- Fifi
- Mai
- Genie
and to all of you who wants to do this tag, just comment below or post it in your blog =)

And omg, can't believe I left this item out!! It is no other than my beloved Lucas' Papaw Ointment!! Yes, it's RED!!! ^^v

My dearest is old and battered and been so loyal to me all these months... I think I must've had it for over a year and still going...
Ok, there, I hope I haven't really missed out on anything else red !


Tammy said...

Hey! I'm currently testing the SkinMD lotion too lol what are your thoughts on it so far? I've been bringing it everywhere with me lately because it's so tiny and convenient but being very featherbrained, I lost it somewhere two days ago. I hope I find it soon lol

Dominique -aka- 美華ちゃん said...

I like this! I'm going to follow your yellow theme and post it to my blog in a few :)

オテモヤン said...


Viva La Fashion said...

i love the color of that bag. its so vibrant and pretty. :) <3 it.