February 17, 2010

Singapore here I come!

(I'm sorry for the lack of photo in this post, all my old photos of Singapore are all in an external hard drive, and I don't want to cause trouble by using someone else's photo... but surely I will post photos once I reach Singapore myself)

I'm going to Singapore soon, this Friday night/Saturday morning to be exact. So exciting... It's been awhile since I'm back there, and I used to live there for few years before I moved to Australia. So it'll feel nostalgic once I get there this Saturday morning. Many changes since I was last there, so I can't wait to check out all of these. If any of you are in Singapore, or know where all these new exciting things I should check out or where else I should check out that I might otherwise miss, do let me know ;) comment or email would be fine.

I'm thinking I'll check these out or at least visit them, at least once... and thinking of what to buy already! Hahaha

- MUJI - Daiso - Sasa (wherever they will be... where are they? I have to know!)
- Ion at Orchard (I heard it's at Ngee Ann City? So that's Takashimaya, right?)
- Shu Uemura at Vivo (my friend works there, so I must pay a visit hehehe)
- Watsons (for all the Japanese drugstore makeup brands!! Expect a haul!! I'll be eyeing the eyeliners, mascaras, eyeshadow palettes, makeup remover... and maybe brushes?)
- Suntec - Isetan
- Body Shop (not too big of a fan, but prices should be cheaper than here... so I might get some stuff such as Facial Cleanser Brush)
- If anyone know where I can find Silicone Face Scrubber/Sponge
- Some MAC products would be cheaper there too... such as Brush cleanser (but I'm thinking whether to get a Japanese one) (AUD$20, SGD$18), Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF50 PA+++ SGD$58 (Hmm... do I really need one...?????), Blush SGD$35 (AUD$40), Lipsticks SGD$28 (AUD$35), so I'll check it out first, see if I need anything... =]
- Stationery no doubt!! it's stationery heaven there!! stock up, stock up ^^
- Popular, Kinokuniya, etc!
- Hair products, such as hair dye
- Ban mian, bakkwa, durian tarts...
- Chicken porridge
- Melon pan
- MOS Burger
- Plushies!!
- etc...

I will be there for 2 weeks, from 20th February till 6th March. I'll try and still keep blogging or updates... and in the meantime, let me know if there's anywhere or anything I should really check out on my stay in Singapore.

Till then , mwaahhhh!!


bettyb0o said...

oh im flying this friday/saturday too! lols but to shanghai

Kym said...

how exciting! i've never been there but i'd LOVE to go one day! Have fun! :)

eliza said...

exciting! I live in Brisbane too but i'm from Singapore! :D hahas lucky you!
MUJI - Marina Square, Bugi
Daiso - IMM!
Sasa - Wisma, Plaza Singapura

Yes MAC stuff are cheaper there, but body shop stuff are around the same price!Ban mian, bakkwa, durian tarts ARE MAKING ME DROOL! :( haha

Hope you're having fun there! (:

DANA said...

Ooh Hi Eliza!
I went to Plaza Singapura today and found Sasa, Daiso, pretty much a lot of things there! Even found Konad nail stuff and John Little etc... hehehe... It's so much fun shopping here, especially when you know how much it'll cost in Australia...
Happy to find another from Brisbane ;)