February 17, 2010

10 Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm =]

I was tagged by Mai ^^ and I just read LOLanne's blog and thought it's time for me to do one =]
So, on to number 1... clear skin.
My skin is quite on the acne-prone side, and it used to be pretty bad and now that I finally have clear skin, oh no words can describe it. Hehehe...

2) Watching Movies
I like movies, I just do, I don't read reviews on them, I watch them to judge for myself.

3) I can't believe I'll include this but, Lush
Yes, Lush has creeped up to my "make me happy" list ever since I started using their products about 2-3 months ago. Vanilla in the mist soap makes me happy going in and out of the shower. I also love using the fresh mask, such as Brazened Honey. I just want to keep trying out their products!

4) Playing the piano
I tend to just play impromptu-ly, or just whatever I feel like. If I'm sad, angry, happy, moody or just feeling blue, the piano is the best friend I can always turn to.

5) Freebies
Hahaha, I know, not being a cheapskate but don't you just love it, when you just pop in a store, and the sales assistants are so nice they give you samples? Yeah, it makes my day. Or like the other day, when I was just about to watch a movie at a cinema, Maybelline was promoting their new lipstick range and they gave me one for FREE!! My mum and my sisters ended up getting one each too, for free!! ^^

6) Parcels arriving in the mail or letters
Hahahaha, yessss, you know what this means. When you receive unexpected parcels or you're not sure when you're supposed to be receiving them, or even if you do know, I still love getting mails or parcels or letters (personal letters)

7) Plush toys/ stuffed toys/ Plushies
Especially Tatty Teddies, Blue Nose, and Asian plushies... have to be soft too hahaha

8) Our puppy, Rama
As cliche as it might sound, pets do give you some sort of stress relief. Even though Rama gets so naughty at times, he always makes me smile.

9) YouTube videos
This includes anything ranging from makeup gurus, funny music videos, awesome unknown singers, parodies, songs, they make me smile, or laugh or both hahaha

Wait, maybe I should've changed it to simply "internet". Internet makes me both happy and frustrated at times, but majority of the times, internet lets you do things today that people could only dream of centuries ago. Look at us now, contacting random people in facebook, finding old friends, looking up tutorials, companies are even advertising their products through youtube videos and bloggers. Amaazing. Facebook. makeupalley.com is awesome too by the way. so is temptalia and other online websites... and youtube makeup gurus, just to name some on the top of my head: xteener, michellephan, AllThatGlitters21, juicystar07, makeupbytiffanyd, enkore, oxfordjasmine, julieg713, bubzbeauty, kandeejohnson, vaniitydoll, roseannetangrs, beautyQQ, chefcaffy, smerfette aka Mona, allaboutdaniel, the list goes on!!

10) Baskins Robbins Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice cream
Yes, it makes me happy. The peanut butter in it makes me happy hahaha... and especially in those moments when you don't feel so good, this makes it all better hahaha... somehow.

Alrighty, now I'm supposed to tag 10 people... I'll tag the first 10 who comments ^^ feel free to do one~


Ashwini said...

I guess I'm tagged now hehe. I love this post, and can't wait to write one up myself. I agree with all the ones you listed too!

OxfordJasmine said...

Great list of faves! Thanks for mentioning me in your list! xx