February 19, 2010


Photo taken from Scotfax: Driving & Roads on Undiscovered Scotland

I have not climbed the highest mountain
Nor have I swam the widest ocean
I've not touched the sky with my bare hands
They say two roads diverged in a wood
There's too many roads ahead of me I don't quite understand
I do think that life isn't just is
Everything's a haze when there's too many if's
So I pray
For the pieces to come together
For the broken to mend
For the wounds to heal
And no more tears...

^^ Ahh it's nice to write again... it's been awhile since I last wrote anything like it.
My flight is in 8 hours. The heart's pumping fast just trying to remember what it feels like in an airplane, the scent, the rush, the hours...

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