February 7, 2010

A Piece of Me in Pieces of February

This month....
I like: eyeliners hahaha... yes. I've slowly come to appreciate or have familiarise myself in using eyeliners on both top and bottom lines of my eyes. I've also bought my first liquid eyeliner.

I don't like: cockroaches

I want you to know: that what you will be depends on what you do now. Can't change the past, but the future is caused by what's at present, and you make the choice of what to do with it.

I've planned: to travel to Singapore for 2 weeks in 2 weeks time and shopping!!, hit the gym more often, watch out more of what I eat (those hash browns =.= ), and focus on what I really should do in terms of studies.

I want to say to someone special: that people have insecurities, and it is up to you to get controlled by it, or to control it and to not let it drown you. We have our flaws, no one is perfect, but we are much luckier than a lot of people you don't even know of, and I know it gets hard to believe in yourself when things get tough, but just know that there's always someone who cares and we'll get through this.

^^v Have an awesome one!

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r u s s said...

Same here, I ♥ eyeliners too. I think it's my favorite piece of make-up. It can do so much for your eyes. You should try using the felt-tip ones, they're easier to apply.
Goodluck with going to SG and to working out more often. That will really be good for ya.
I'm hopping from the Toothfairy's blog and would want to be blog friends with ya. Have a nice week ahead ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈