November 4, 2009

MAC Paint Pots Swatch

At first I did this because I couldn't decide which paint pots I was going to get. I was thinking that they all looked so attractive and the colours were so nice as well that I hesitated on getting oen and walked away with this spotty hand, and went to work. I simply could not decide!!

Oh and MAC Holiday Collection is Here!!! I was going to take a photo but the MAs were kind of eyeing me... so just CLICK HERE for the Australian MAC website Holiday Collection.

I must say, these paintpots did not smudge. I rubbed my hand over it few times and it didn't smudge! Awesome as eyeshadow bases or on its own! SO here are the photos... sorry if the photos don't give the actual colours justice... they are more pearly in reality. More bold, more striking in colours.

Taken without flash:

Taken with flash:

I'm sure you all know the colours names by now, if not check it out HERE

And after a whole day of staring at them... Even though I want them all, I can't. Do come back to see which ones I ended up getting... and oh those Limited Edition items always make me stop and stare.


Manju said...

i have indianwood and blackground and i love love love them

DANA said...

Yayyy!! =D

Shifa said...

oh these look lovely!

DANA said...

Yes, and these aren't even complete... =( I was in a rush and the MAs were eyeing me weird. ><;; haha but I do recommend pp..

yzhuhuong said...

oh my goodness, i am so getting most of them! T___________________T

DANA said...

=D yeah, some are really nice, you should also check out some other brands' cream eyeshadows, like Shiseido (Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow), Stila (smudgepots), etc... they're really nice too, and MAC don't have their colours. hehe