May 31, 2012

Update as of June 2012


I’m sure by now you all might notice I have not been updating as much as I usually would. I am aware of that. I just thought I shan’t linger much longer and tell all of you that I have decided to take a break from blogging for this month of June. This just means that all the drafts, reviews and posts will take a step back. They will be posted later in July and the months after, of course. I have a lot, I can tell you, a lot of ideas of what to write about… the kinds of blog posts I want to write… I already have them all in my mind. However it takes a lot of my time to actually get the photos edited and write them all out, edit them and the lot.

My exams are creeping up real soon. This is getting real serious. The main reason I am taking a hiatus is because of that. Not because I don’t want to write anymore or having writer’s block or neglecting. I can tell you I do have plenty of topics to write. They are always there. I hope you can understand and don’t feel as though, “Oh she’s not updating anymore… boo hoo” Yeah, well, I cannot make blogging my full time job yet, can I? Who knows what may happen in the future? But for now I need to get my act together and focus in finishing this year. It’s really tough for me. I mean it.

I wish you all the best and of course meet ups and events may still be happening and I am happy to join. I just won’t be writing it up until my exams finish – that’s at the end of June.

I’ll still be here. Just like the stars and the sun… just because it sets, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

All the best to those sitting exams and finishing up their assessments. Hold on to your dreams and keep the fire burning. My fire has dimmed before and I am slowly building the fire up again. Time is always against you. Everyone may come and tell you otherwise. In the end, do it for you and for your future.

I know, I know, I’ll stop now… I just ramble ramble and on and on…

Goodnight for now.

Oh Gosh… can’t believe it’s 1st of June tomorrow.

I’ll see you all later. I will be back.


How cute is this little guy!!
Digger from the movie “Legends of the Guardians”


Aamir Khan and Asin
Ah! One of the best movies I’ve seen! “Ghajini”


I love the subtle ombre highlights effect in Jess Biel’s hair here
But the question is… can I pull it off if I ever can get it done??



Ta ta!!


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