May 21, 2012

Bossy Hair DIY Styling Night and Offer

A week ago, last Tuesday the 15th May marked the first of long overdue gathering of the Brisbane Beauty Bloggers. We were invited to model some easy 5 minutes do at the Bossy Hair Kelvin Grove salon. Cute, friendly salon just at the Kelvin Grove Urban Village near where Woolworths is.


A few of the styles took a little longer than 5 but the majority took less than/or about 5 minutes to do! We all know how crucial hair do is (at some occasions) and how time consuming it can be when we know nothing of what to do! Bossy Hair team were there to the rescue, of course.


Antoinette is the cute lovely lady in the middle here.
While, on the far right we have Belinda, the Manager at Kelvin Grove branch.

Greeted with plenty of champagne (I did not take any, yes I didn’t!), orange juice, tea or coffee and snacks like cheese and crackers, even the delicious olives (yuummm)… we were all in excitement waiting to see what we can learn in terms of quick hair styling tips from the pro’s!


(Warning: PHOTO HEAVY)

First we have Sarah modelling the waterfall braids


1/ First her hair was toussled/waved with the ghd to give it more texture. She naturally have straight hair (like yours truly here)



Obsessing over the toussled look and the bayalage ombre hair!!



Next up is Yolly aka Yolanda – with what we call Corporate Chic


1/ First section the hair, and tie 3/4 of it in a low ponytail.
It helps to have a curled/waved/toussled hair already done.


2/ Twist and pin that loose section over the top of the ponytail, as seen in photo above.


Wah-lah! Corporate Chic!

Then they thought they could do much more styles with Yolly’s hair and came up with

… (*insert a funky twist do style name here)


Tie yo hair!

Next we have Tegan – modelling the Finger Curls – can I just say, she rocks the vintage look! All that’s left to do is her signature red lipstick.


Katy modelled the milkmaid/Heidi braids. Her highlights were literally popping out of those braids!




Anni had some apricot highlights added to her hair, which I love love love – and now considering whether I could get something subtle like that done on to my … uber dark hair.


Brijet was totally VA va Voom with Sarah Fawcett’s curls! Talk about Voluminous and Big hair!


Abbey is rock ‘n’ roll with the rockabilly quiff.
Using styling powder and hairspray.


you may be wondering what happened to my hair?

If you’ve been following all the Brisbane Bloggers you would have seen it, no surprise, but here’s a shot of what my hair did looked like on the night.

1/ Apply tons of style powder and tease

2/ Tie it up in a very high ponytail and tease

3/ Pick the fairy floss looking do (it will look like that at this stage) and do a swirling motion like you would to grab fairy floss

and you would get


I’m impressed with this Styling Powder and Hairspray styling products! They gave my hair volume, which my hair lacked! Look how big it is on my head!


One of the best salons I’ve ever come across in Brisbane, which offer such friendly services, atmosphere and actually really up to date with what’s ‘hawt’ and new and they know HOW TO do it! I totally recommend! Blushfully approves!

To read more about Bossy Hair, you can go to

It was such a great night to catch up and go all ‘goo goo gah gah’ at anything hair and beauty. I’ll share with you the links to the other brisbane beauty bloggers that were there that night.


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Waiiitttt I’m not done yet…

First let me show you a product that was used on literally ALL of the hairstyles – that’s how amazing it is!


Aaannddd there’s OFFER FOR GRABS


For any enquiry, don’t hesitate and ring (07) 3839 2229

Don’t forget to mention Blushfully to get your 10% Discounts~!


- Have a great week! -


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