May 18, 2012

My love for Hourglass Cosmetics continues…

On… and on… and on…

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Recently they launched the new Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation. What can I say? I love it. I want it. It costs AU$78 here in Australia. I’m gonna cry…

I took a small little sample pot home with me and I’ll show you what they look like in photos.




I find it so smooth so soft so yummy so yoghurt-like and blends like a dream – and I only just used my fingers to apply! It lasts all day. It does not turn greasy. It does not disappear. It does not accentuate dry patches. It gives a diffused flawless finish. It’s so yummy.


I don’t even have the most oily skin. And this foundation works for me. **huge smile on my face**


Is this the first time you’ve seen me with a pair of glasses (spectacles) on? Haha…

Shade matched best was in shade “Nude”.

Hourglass Cosmetics is available in Mecca Maxima and Mecca Cosmetica here in Australia.
In the US you can get them for $55 at Sephora.



Rama dozing off on a monkey toy as a pillow

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