May 20, 2012

Review in Minute. Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Foundation

I, as usual, was just passing by the cosmetic counter at David Jones the other day and had a peek at the new Estee Lauder foundation, the Invisible Fluid Makeup.
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Within seconds the Estee Lauder lady came and asked if I would like to try it out. I thought, okay, why not.
After trying to match me to a CN range (Cool Neutral, pink base) I told her I prefer a yellow base and she was not pushy about it and matched me to one of the WN (Warm Neutral, yellow base) shade. We settled with 1WN2. I came home with a little sample pot.
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After testing it out at home applying it on my entire face. Here’s what I have to say.
My skin is of an odd creature. It changes its condition from time to time, as you have probably heard me say for numerous times. In winter the skin gets dehydrated and drier, almost uniform throughout my face, except my eyelids and a small section below my cheekbones. This is a nice liquidy foundation, however I think it accentuates the dry patches. You definitely need to be very well moisturised beforehand, or use an Illuminating primer (Estee Lauder has a lovely new one for $48). I find that it gives a slightly luminous semi matte finish, not dewy, no not that dewy. It gives you a diffused flawless finish that is very nice, however… if you look at me closely (very closely) I think you will spot the dry patches peeking “helloo!”. I did not even want to set it with powder… I didn’t need to. It dries to a skin-like smooth finish, not wet.
On the other hand, it is very easy to apply and blends effortlessly. I used a traditional paddle foundation brush and I had no trouble blending it. No streaking happening. It is indeed lightweight and does not feel like you have a cake on your face.
Coverage-wise: On a good skin, this will give you a good coverage. It leans on the light-medium buildable, I’d say.
So overall, it’s a nice foundation for combination/oily/normal skin. Not all skin types. Definitely not for dry or dehydrated. The colour match is pretty good, I’m impressed and pleasantly surprised. 1WN2 matches me quite well this winter. It looks like I’ve got nothing on, just good skin. As time passes by, it seems to blend more into the skin and leaves you a brightening effect, somewhat. I like!

Thinking of a new Estee Lauder foundation? Give this one a try. If you don’t like the heavyduty Double Wear or if the Double Wear Light is too light or you could not find a match, this may as well be the answer.
Have a nice weekend everyone~

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