November 11, 2011

Happy Peppero Day!

It’s Peppero Day today – 11 November. Why is it 11/11? ‘Cause the 4 1’s resembles 4 peppero sticks… why? well, they said so! Hah! Or… so that we all could grow tall and lean like the peppero sticks? Who knows…

They are yummy, they’re chocolatey, they’re crunchy. Yummy yummy yummy in my tummy!
I’ve had them since I was a kid and everytime I snack on one… or two… or three… oh shush, I’d have the whole box… I’m in happy place. Or close…

So just to share the love… I give you this video by Simon and Martina aka Eat Your Kimchi channel. They’re the cutest couple, seriously.

Happy Peppero Day!



Emma said...

1. LOVE that you watch Simon and Martina! They SAVED me when I lived in Korea, without them I would have had no idea how to use my washing machine!
2. LOVE that you know what pepero day is, as an ESL teacher there for two years I celebrated this day with love.
3. We should be friends, I feel we're similar :)

blushfully said...

Hi Emma! Or shall I say, Annyeong! Are you still living in Korea? How do you find living there?

Simon and Martina are 2 of the people I love watching on Youtube haha