November 30, 2011

Get Yo Hair Rockin’ with URBAN

It’s summer. I can hear my dog’s panting with his pink tongue out cooling himself. I have trimmed his fluffious fur to a grassious cut. (They are now in my vocabulary, don’t you judge.) I think he can thank me for that. While I, on the other hand, can’t exactly do the same and be as lucky as my baby dog and shave my hair now can I?

I like my hair products, I really do. But being a poorbie student it often means I have to bite my tongue and hold my own hand with the other hand and check things out only not to purchase them because the price are on the royal side. This also goes to other products, yet I try to balance things out… I’d skim on some and go full cream on some.

Out came Urban with their new hair styling products at such an affordable prices.

They say…

Hit the streets with the hottest hair this summer with new Rocker Wax and 24HR Coconut Rush Power Gel from Fudge’s trendsetting sub-brand, URBAN.

No matter how you work your look spike it, slick it, mess it up or control it the unique invisible hold of 24HR Coconut Rush Power Gel leaves hair feeling soft and scented with cocolicious fragrance. No more crunch, just a soft natural finish and feel. Rub through wet or dry hair and texturise to get the edge you want.


I don’t know about you… but coconut scent hair product like TiGi Bed Hair Some Like It Hot Serum makes me smile and think of holidaying in Bali chillaxing by the beach drinking fresh coconut. But at $29.95 it can quite a dent in your wallet if you have to repurchase too often, which thankfully I have not had to since I alternate with other products.

And comes 24HR Coconut Rush Power Gel

What does it cost? $4.99

Cocount Rush Power Gel

First Impression:

Texture is… soft clear gel gelatine

Hold is… I will have to get back to you on this because I have not tried it

Smell is… somewhat coconut-ey but with slight herbal scent to it

Packaging is… easy, no fuss, open cap with easy hole to get product out


Next in the agenda is the Rocker Wax. Whoever named these surely have got Stereophonics in mind… or LMFAO. "…Party rockin’ in da houusseee tonight!!! Eveerrrybody just have a good goood goooddd ttyymeee” (start singing, c’mon, I know you want to)

What’s this cost? $9.99


Packaging is… nice and funky, quite sturdy, although mine does not seem to want to close tightly – I have their other wax in a tin and it closes clicked very nicely and tightly.

Texture is… smooth, bouncy rubbery feeling, slight tinge of purple hue

Hold is… I can’t tell you this at this moment.

Smell is… blueberries and violet, but it is not overpowering in any way unless you clearly put your nose into the tin. It is subtle and gentle scent, almost goes unnoticed.


Available at Woolworths from today 30th November 2011.

Do you use hair styling products? Or is your hair one of the lucky ones that doesn’t need any?

: )



Disclaimer: The above images and products have been sent for review consideration. The above article was written as per disclosure – they are 100% my honest opinion.


pandablush said...

Hey ho! :) I use styling products too since my hair is short now - I use gatsby moving rubber to keep my fringe in place!

Nice review keep it up baby x

Girlie Blogger said...

Wow. Impressive packaging. Looks like a fun product to get my hands on.

Tegan McIntosh said...

oooh cute! I will be interested to see what it is like when you try it!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I don't use much styling products, but only because it weighs my hair down a lot and makes it greasy and yucky! I love using Biosilk, it's the only thing I use. I'm not even sure it's a styling product :p

Fifi said...

Hmm I don't use gel type products on my hair but I use hairspray and heat protector a lot!

Cendana K said...

@GirlieBlogger: it sure is cute packaging :)

@Tegan: yeahh i can't wait to try it!

@RainyDays&Lattes: i would call it treatment product, cause i use similar products/serum :)

@Fifi: oh yeahh i use more heat protector, serum and hair spray but sometimes i switch things hehe!

Thank you for all your comments, evyone!! I so totally appreciate it