November 30, 2011

Bits of Brisbane, Breakfast and Blabber

My current favourite breakfast that is… half cooked fried egg with the yolk still runny so I can dip my toast in it. My toasts would already been smeared with Olive Oil spread. My current fav is the Tablelands Olive Oil spread.

Anyway… just sharing what’s been happening…

So the other day…



That frrrruit punch or dessert drink – HOW I MISSED IT! Such a refreshing drink. It is full of fruits ranging from pieces of lychee, little pearls of watermelon, pineapples, melon etc. It is just so good, especially if you have not had one in the longest time.

Now that deep fried tofu dish was a little snack-ish. That’s the small portion, mind you… for $4.50 at Kingsfood, Market Square, Sunnybank. Deep fried tofu? I like. The sauce? Yum!

That soy milk with mung bean drink – I ordered that specially like that. The girl who took my order had to ask me not just once but few more times whether I had tried it before, and whether I had ordered the right thing. Haha! $3.50



And to sum this up…


I almost got into a car crash stopped in the middle of the road while driving the other day when I saw the sky looking like this… heaven on earth… and these sorts of things that makes me feel… alive… makes me feel… nice. I guess clouds… still give me that icing of contentment in this crazy world called life.

Now, now if you happen to be passing or be at Indooroopilly suburb, there is this café called Earth Coffee by the corner of the road right in front of the train station. It is surprisingly nice and reasonable. The refreshing (on a hot summer day) iced coffee and that yummy (one of the yummiest I’ve had) sandwich of toasted turkish bread filled with delicious chicken, fetta, spinach and sundried tomatoes and other goodness cost a total of $11. Not bad, I’d say… a nice afternoon to spend…

Everyday I learn something new… everyday is a new day with obstacles and surprises… I look forward for tomorrow and the next day and the next and the next…

Love y’all



Kristie said...

Aww I've always wanted to stop by Brisbane but never got the chance. The sky is gorgeous! Is that Cha Time milk tea I spy?

Cendana K said...

Hi Kristie - aaw hopefully you get the chance to next time. the sky was breathtaking that day I couldn't keep my eyes off it. btw, no it's not Cha Time milk tea, just a drink from another spot in Sunnybank. It's not even tea, it's soy milk. haha

Lisa said...

OMGGGGG I LOVEEE YOUR PURSE!! it's so gorgeous!

i'm obsessed with runny egg yolks with toast too and over rice muhahaha.. runny egg yolk is so yummy!