November 24, 2011

I Like Them Both and I Can’t Decide

There must be something in the air when I finally decided to tear open the sample sachets of foaming cleansers the lovely ladies at Jurlique Wintergarden had given me to try out. The main reason they had given me sample sachets first was that I had had a slight reaction previously with their Balancing foaming cleanser. My guess was that either weather conditions and my skin was not co-operating well, hence causing the reaction. However, I still think that it should not have even given me any reaction apart from giving me soft smooth skin. Right? Right? So I had to return the product in reluctance. And instead of jumping into conclusion and purchasing another cleanser, I agreed to try these samples first before buying the full price. Now I’m in dilemma! I think… I like both of them.

Soothing Foaming Cleanser

Soothing Foaming Cleanser

A soothing foaming cleanser for sensitive skin that lifts away surface impurities to leave the complexion feeling fresh and clean. This is meant to provide just enough hydration and to protect the skin from moisture loss, which may happen anytime throughout the year.

AU$45 for 200ml

Main Ingredients:

Macadamia Oil – helps to rebalance dryness and keep the skin feeling comfortable and soothed during cleansing.

Groomwell and Sichuan Peppercorn – traditional Chinese herbs to help soothe and rebalance sensitive skin

First Experience:

  • It leaves my skin feeling comfortable, not tight or dry and definitely not oily.
  • Loves the actual full size bottle of frosted glass and easy to use pump
  • Loves the gentle lavender scent – very soothing indeed – not overpowering and did not give me a headache or make me nauseous
  • A small amount goes a long way with this gently foaming cleanser – it does not foam too much yet enough to glide all over your face
  • Face is left feeling smooth and soft
  • No redness or irritation experienced

Will I purchase the full size? Yes! Although it is a little steep for me right now at $45 I think it is worth it in the long run. Plus this bottle will last you ages.

Now on to the other candidate of what could be my next favourite cleanser…

Replenishing Foaming Cleanser

Replenishing Foaming Cleanser

A replenishing foaming cleanser for dry skin that lifts away surface impurities to leave the complexion feeling fresh and clean. Okay so they have pretty much written the same “claim” … The difference is that this one is meant for dry skin.

AU$45 for 200ml

Main Ingredients:

Marshmallow – intensely hydrates and softens the skin

Violet and Calendula – helps soothe and rebalance any skin sensitivity

Macadamia and Avocado Oil – comforts and protects against moisture loss during the cleansing process

First Experience:

  • The gentle (less of) lavender or is it calendula and marshmallow scent is very lovely
  • The liquid foams up nicely, just sufficient to let it glide all over your face and neck
  • No dryness or moisture loss were experienced, I did not feel it stripping moisture out of my skin
  • No redness
  • No irritation or itchyness
  • For some reason I feel that this also brightens my complexion ever so slightly

Will I repurchase the full size bottle? Hell yeah, I will! I think this might win… “might”… only because it also have marshmallow and avocado oil and calendula… and that it also seems to brighten my complexion after I wash my face. I like that. This one feels creamy, sort of like mushy marshmallow.

One is for sensitive skin. One is for dry skin. Which will I pick?

Fyi, my skin is not even on the driest kind but it seems to react better with the dry/sensitive type cleansers better. My suspicion is that my skin prefers the gentler cleanser rather than the “oil sucking/squeaky clean” types.

Have you tried Jurlique?

Have you tried their cleansers? Which do you use, if you do?

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Girlie Blogger said...

$45 is expensive for a cleanser but I am happy to hear it worked well. Yum! Lavender. Must have smelled nice.

Cendana K said...

@Girlie Blogger: Yeah my current cleansers are nowhere as expensive, but I think I would alternate so it would be worth it when I finally take the plunge and purchase. Thank you for visiting my blog :)

Michelle's Style File said...

They both sound lovely.



Haven't tried Jurlique yet but I've heard good things. Do you use the whole range or just the cleanser? X

P.S. thanks for the lovely comment!

Cendana K said...

@Michelle: Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! ^_^ Greatly appreciated. xo

@TheChofHer: I've actually only tried samples of the cleansers and using their serum at the moment. That's why I'm curious and wanting to use the cleanser too.
I use other brands as well, so I mix and match depending on weather and skin condition at the time. :) Thank you for stopping by!!