March 29, 2011

TAG: Let's Talk About Blogging

I got tagged!! By lovely Lene from It contains 16 questions regarding blogging and so... here's my response!! Hope you enjoy...

1. Why did you start a beauty blog?

I wanted to keep track of what I have tried and what works and doesn't work for me. That was sort of the initial idea - to keep track of things, like a diary. I've been writing diary since I could start writing properly and this beauty blog was born when I started to get passionate in makeup, cosmetics, and skincare or anything that relates to beauty - which I must say I started a little later than most people (only about end of 2009 when this blog was created). Nowadays I'd include bits and pieces of other things in life although this blog is still mainly beauty-related.

2. What was the inspiration for your blog name?

Hahaha I would lie if I just came up with a blog name one day and be happy with it for the rest of my life. It took at least a good amount of changing and alteration to the blog name until one afternoon... when I was thinking of having just 1 word to signify what my blog is about. "Blush" was the word that came to mind because ain't nothing like a pop of color on your face. I mixed that with one of my favorite words in the English language "bashful"/"bashfully" or anything with "-fully" at the end and played with it till I came up with "blushfully" - meaning something along the line of... that one's face isn't quite complete if not 'blushfully' or have a 'blushful' day - sort of meaning... have a bright and gorgeous day like a blush... Hahaha, I know, it's quite... subjective... but that what it means to me... honest. A play on words... Lucky for me, it wasn't taken already! So, Yay!!

3. How many visitors do you get approximately?

Oh my, I don't actively check to be honest, because I blog when I can and blog when I have something to blog. Some days I can blog up to a few in a day, some days I'd blog once a week or once a fortnight.

4. Who works on your blog?

This girl called Cendana... Hahaha, it's me la... just me. Pictures and editing and all the writing... everything.

5. What is the most enjoyable moment you experienced through your blog?

Finding other blogs and reviews on products - some I might have been searching for reviews for, some I might not have heard of. Also loving the interaction readers give me when they comments and do regularly comment in my posts giving me feedbacks. And meeting some of them! I'll get to this in the later question ;)

6. How many comments do you get per article on average?

Oh this really varies, it can be from 2 to 5 or so... Not that many...

7. Do you work together with companies?

Nope, I have, however reviewed for companies, but not a lot, I'm still a pretty new blogger in the blogging world.

8. Which camera do you use for the pictures in your articles?

I've used different cameras, some of my earlier photos would have been taken with a nikon which model number has completely slipped my mind, but my current ones are usually taken with the Panasonic Lumix TZ7... Hopefully I'll upgrade to a better and easier point and shoot camera haha...

9. Where do you get inspiration from for new articles?

Products I have tried that I like or dislike and can't wait to share with everyone. Products that I have not seen many reviews on. Anything, really...

10. Which beauty bloggers give you inspiration?

Initially the youtubers gave me the inspiration to start the blogging but there are many blogs nowadays that inspires me to expand my views. I wish I could tell you a few 'cause there are seriously so many I follow and read that it's probably going to take this entire page to list them all down... fashion, food, beauty blogs... from personal to the more commercialized ones... I've got quite a list.

Roseanne Tang @ roseannebeauty
Dulce @ dulcecandy
Jen @ frmheadtotoe
Sara Kye @ icyabstract

etc... and more!!

11. Do you get negative comments sometimes?

Hardly do... perhaps only once...

12. Do you write a new blogpost each day?

Wow, wouldn't that be something if I write every single day?! No I don't... but I try to write more often...

13. What kind of layout do you have? And did you make it yourself?

It's Watermark by Blogger and everything on it I personalized and edited myself, including the banner with photos on the top.

14. How much time do you take to write an article?

That depends but usually from few minutes to half an hour to an hour... really depends... plus I don't always do it in one go... editing photos, resizing it, things like that... and breaks haha

15. Is your blog your business? If so, how does it work and what is your opinion on it? If not, would you like it to be?

No it's not... and I don't think I'd make it as a main business, maybe as a side thing apart from my main career... I don't want to take the enjoyment and passion out of it and make it as though it's just work for me, because it's not how it is. I write what I like...

16. Do you have contact with other beauty bloggers in real life?

Yes, I've met a few bloggers/youtubers in real life. We still keep in touch especially Roseanne from roseannebeauty or roseannetangrs in youtube. I've also met Adeline from Through Beauty Eyes and Holly from beatideas (youtube).

Recently, I'm invited to Brisbane's First Beauty Bloggers Event Meet - I'm excited! Honestly, because this will be just the beginning... and this year has started quite well... I can only dream it'll get better! I'll keep you updated =) The event is creeping up pretty soon... in a couple or few weeks time! Oh, what to wear! what to do for makeup! Hahaha...

Anyway... I will tag...

Stephanie from Beauty by Anie
Adeline from Through Beauty Eyes
gilly's blog

and whoever wants to do this tag ^^

I leave you with an accessory I've been sporting lately
It's actually a short statement necklace but I prefer wearing it as a bracelet
like this...

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