March 10, 2011

Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 Fashion Show ft. Kate Moss

Marc Jacobs being the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton... gives us the following Fashion Show for Fall 2011.

It involves lots of metallic shiny knee-grazing skirts, coats, huge waist belts, boots, sleek ponytail with pretty headbands, puffy sleeves... and pant-less... yeah well, that last part... let's hope no one is sporting that around in public, shall we?

Did you spot Carmen Cass?
08:44 made me think of rainy days...
08:51 did that girl just almost tripped over her shoes?
09:50 Ooh I've seen her before... forgot her name... anyone knows?
09:57 and 10:20 and 10:39 ... Here comes Kate Moss... creating quite a stir in the media... making smoking looks rather well... something of a classy act.
10:10 such sleek ponytail!
11:25 The end where everyone walks in line behind Kate Moss (still smoking lol)
11:53 Ooh I spot an Asian girl hahaha...

What are your thoughts?

PS: Marc Jacobs still looks good at 46...


Lisa said...

omg marc jacobs is like hecka hot for 46... for the longest time i thought he was in his mid 30's!!

Fashion to Go said...

Perfectly executed! Kate Moss looks great and Marc Jacobs looks so fine for his age.