March 17, 2011

Australian Brand: Australis Nail Colours

I thought this may be a good start to introduce you to my recent find of an affordable nail polish. it is an Australian brand with a very fitting name of Australis.

You can find their online website here

But what am I loving from this brand at the moment? What got me interested? Hahaha, silly me, I did just mentioned it, didn't I? Yes, the nail polish.

Their nail polish is described as:

high shine, high colour intensity and streak free.

It is creamy, it is bright, it is opaque.
You could get away with 1 coat but 2 coats would give it better justice.

What do I think?
They are indeed creamy, opaque, streak free, and 2 coats were all I needed to achieve the opacity I like very much!

Price: AU$7.95


So many colours to choose from! Here's just a sneakpeek I compiled... there are many more colours in store!
Click Here for more colours

I'm currently loving Limited Edition Number 1. It is the perfect "channelesque"-ish, mauve/taupe combo sort of shade I love.

At $7.95 they're quite a steal, especially when 1 bottle of OPI costs a whooping $19.95-$24.95 over here in Australia in stores!

Where to find these goodies?
Priceline sells them.
Anywhere that sells Australis, I'd say.
But I just go to Priceline.

Have you tried anything from Australis?
I'm so tempted to collect these little babies of nail polishes hahaha...

"Imagination is everything. 'Tis afterall the beginning of something great."


deerest said...

I havent tried it, although I really want to! :$

I love Australis too! I love their mineral lip glossies which I'm gonna review soon!! I have it in Bellydance and it has the peachiest scent with one of the nicest textures!!

Love love! And I have their mineral lipstick in Mambo too which is moisturizing and pigmented :D

Yay!! I'm gonna wait for the polishes to go on sale first and pick up some bright ones x]

Thanks for the review!

And in the pic, the second one from the left (greenish) reminds me of one of the polishes from OPI Sherk collection, dont you think?


♥PopBlush♥ said...

They seem to have a really nice range of nail polish colours!! nice~

I haven't tried Australis since when I was in highschool! But I'm really interested in trying their 'colour inject' lipsticks!
I like their bright pinks and orange shades!